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Darren Espanto on staying in Canada last year: ‘It made me reconnect with my roots’

Darren Espanto shares why he enjoyed doing quarantine last year with his family.



06/05/2021 10:03 AM
Darren Espanto on staying in Canada last year: ‘It made me reconnect with my roots’
Photo credit: @darrenespanto Instagram

After leaving the Philippines last year to return to his hometown in Calgary, Canada, Darren Espanto said he was lucky to be able to continue working and performing despite being in quarantine at home.

“I’d say I’m very grateful and still very blessed because in the midst of the pandemic I was still able to have a job and perform and stuff like that even though it was just all virtual I was able to hold a digital concert, I was able to do ASAP. I would have a green screen behind me and stuff like that. it surprising because I was even able to do corporate events and stuff like that from across the world all because of the power of technology. So it’s amazing what technology can do. I was even able to release two singles of course ‘Sana Tayo Na’ and my solo single ‘Believe in Christmas’ as well which I recorded with this mic in my bedroom and I just had my team on Zoom with me,” he shared in a radio interview with Monster RX93.1 last June 2. 

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The Kapamilya singer, who recently turned 20, said he is still not used to getting recognized while going out in public in his hometown.

“I’m still trying to figure out how people know it’s me. Even though I have a mask on and sometimes I even have a cap on at the mall and our kababayans would come up to me and say, ‘Oh you’re Darren Espanto, right?’ and it’s really funny. It’s not weird anymore. Because before the pandemic I got a lot of that already but it’s fascinating to me how they still recognize my face even with a mask on and stuff on and stuff like that and I guess it’s from shows and social media that they know I’m in Calgary so they wouldn’t think twice anymore if they’re sure it’s Darren Espanto because they know I’m already in Canada,” he explained.

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Darren said he enjoyed being back with his family at the home he grew up in before he left for the Philippines to join The Voice Kids in 2014.

“My parents don’t really see me as a superstar. My whole family of course they acknowledge the fact that I’m in showbiz and I’m doing all of this stuff but they treat me as the simple Darren, this regular kid who just loves to sing and I guess that’s one of the things that keeps me grounded and keeps me humble because they still ask me to do the dishes, mop, and vacuum and stuff (laughs). And I don’t expect to be treated like, ‘Hey artista kaya ako hindi ako gumagawa ng ganyan.’ I don’t get that kind of mentality. Going back to Canada kind of made me reconnect with my roots because I haven’t been in Canada for that amount of time for such a long time, for like seven years,” he said on Monster RX 93.1.

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Another upside to his stay in Canada for Darren was finally getting more time to get to know his younger sister Lynelle.

“During the pandemic I got that chance so I was able to reconnect with my little sister again because I never really got to watch her grow up really because I was always in the Philippines and during the pandemic I got to have that chance. And of course also spend more time with my parents,” he added.