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WATCH: Nadine Lustre takes Karen Davila around her mom’s plant shop in Quezon City

Nadine Lustre also spoke about her breakup with James Reid and the death of her brother Isaiah Lustre.



06/28/2021 12:04 PM
WATCH: Nadine Lustre takes Karen Davila around her mom’s plant shop in Quezon City
Screenshot from Karen Davila YouTube Channel

Singer-actress Nadine Lustre gave a glimpse of the plant shop her mom Myraquel Paguia-Lustre runs in Quezon City. 



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While Nadine has been constantly promoting Ms. Betty Blooms on her social media accounts, the Kapamilya star just revealed in an interview with Karen Davila that it’s her mom who owns it and she just helps out with the marketing side of the business. 

“It’s really my mom’s business. Pretty much, I just help her with the look, the Instagram ‘cause mom isn’t techy. This started I think lockdown last year. June 26 is our anniversary,” she told Karen Davila. 

The shop is located in The Pop Up on Katipunan in Quezon City, the shop boasts of a number of plants including crowd favorites Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and Monstera Deliciosa.  

On why she chose the same for the shop, she said: “It’s something quirky, it’s something fun. I was imagining kasi parang ‘70s na hippie na girl who loves plants.”

Watch the video below: 

Meanwhile, Nadine also talked about her ex-boyfriend James Reid and her late brother Isaiah. 

“Healing naman kasi is I guess a general thing for me. Even with my brother’s death, I’m still healing. It still gets me. Healing is a long process. You never stop healing from anything,” Nadine said. 

“I guess we’re going through things, artistas are pretty much the same. We’re also humans. But it is also different for everyone,” she added. 

According to Nadine, her music helped her a lot with the process of moving on. 



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“I just work on myself. The [song]writing helped a lot. Working on the album, I kept myself busy. I got more close to my family. Starting nu’ng lockdown actually, that’s when I, for some reason, started to hang with my family,” she said. 

On her split with James, Nadine reiterated that everything is well between them. 

“The breakup happened November pa of last year. We were talking about it na. It wasn’t really a bad breakup. We just wanted to work on ourselves,” she said. 



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While understands how people feel about their breakup, Nadine said they had to do it for the sake of their families and careers. 

“I get that people are sad about it, but for us, it was a mutual decision. He had to take care of his family, focus on his career. And I had to focus on my career and take care of my family as well,” she said. 

“That’s why we remain friends. Like there’s no bad blood or anything,” she added.

Nadine also shared how she felt the moment she stepped out of James’s house to start a new life. 

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“When I moved out, you know, it was like the start of a new chapter. Kasi I had to grow. We both had to grow,” she said.

“I believe naman kasi that if guys are meant to be together, it will fall into place. It’s just that we really wanted to work on ourselves,” she added. 

Despite everything that happened, Nadine still feels grateful for James whom she said helped her get back up after her brother’s death. 

“I remember when my brother pulled the switch, siya talaga ‘yung naging crutch siya for me. Kasi I was so depressed. Like I couldn’t eat, I had no appetite. Like down talaga. Siya talaga ‘yung humawak sa akin and kept me standing,” she said



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The 27-year-old celebrity also talked about her relationship with her late brother whom she described as having a similar personality as hers. 

“‘Yung brother ko kasi magaling din siya magluto. Mahilig din siya sa art and he’s a good writer. And ‘yung creative stuff, kami ang nagshe-share nu’n. Pero artistic kasi siya. Kwentuhan. Medyo feminine din kasi ‘yung brother ko. So, he appreciates a lot of stuff that I do,” she said. 

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Nadine also revealed her brother came out to her before his death in 2017.

“He came out of the closet, actually. Ako lang kasi ang nakakaalam eh. I’m not sure if alam ‘yun ng parents ko at that time. But eventually, alam na nila,” she remarked.