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Sue Ramirez on advocating women empowerment: ‘Dapat hindi na kami binabastos’

Sue Ramirez reveals why she is proud to always be independent even while in a relationship.

Rhea Manila Santos

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06/25/2021 10:11 AM
Sue Ramirez on advocating women empowerment: ‘Dapat hindi na kami binabastos’
Photo Credit: @sueannadoodles Instagram

As the star of the newest WeTV Philippines rom-com Boyfriend No. 13, Sue Ramirez plays another colorful character as a constantly lovestruck woman named Kimverly Santillan.

“She’s a very superstitious lady. She breaks off relationships for the most trivial reasons, sa pinakamababaw na dahilan and nagkataon na yung perfect guy niya ay matatapat kay boyfriend number 13 kaya siyempre malas yun, hindi puwede. Sobrang ready na niya for love kaya sobrang dami niyang minamahal. Ako din naman I think I was put in this world to love. Rhat’s how much I relate to Kimverly. Hindi ko siya masisisi kasi mapagmahal talaga ako. Hindi ko itatanggi (laughs),” she shared during the Boyfriend No. 13 presscon held last June 23. 

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Just like her latest character, Sue admitted she also believes in horoscopes but he does not let it affect major decisions in life.

“Parati akong tumitingin ng zodiac sign. As in tinitingnan ko talaga kung compatible kaya itong guy na ito for me. Pero yung boyfriend ko ngayon is Libra and Libra is one of the most incompatible signs with a Cancer but it’s how you make it work. Siguro you check the zodiac for some guidance on how you’re going to handle some of the problems that’s going to occur kasi nga of the differences of your zodiac signs. So you’re prepared. Alam mo na yung mga haharapin mo at alam mo na yung gagawin mo kapag nandun ka na sa sitwasyon na yun. So nakakatulong siya for me kasi maiintindihanmo siya kasi nabasa mo sa zodiac niya na baka ganun lang talaga siya,” she explained.

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Currently happy with her relationship with Javi Benitez, Sue said she would never allow him or anyone else to control her or dictate what she should wear or not wear. Last year, Sue made headlines after posting stunning new photos of herself in glamorous looks.

“I’m very firm with my beliefs and I feel like women should be able to wear what they want whenever they want, wherever they want without the control or supervision of other people. Or specifically a boyfriend. I think men should respect whatever it is that their girlfriends want to wear. Siguro kasi very protective lang sila but at the end of the day hindi dapat natin bina-box yung mga babae. Hindi na kami dapat nag-a-adjust at this point, 2021. Dapat sanay na yung mga tao. Dapat hindi na kami binabastos. Dapat kapag naka-two-piece kami hindi bastos ang tingin sa amin. Siguro dapat mas turuan natin yung youth natin to respect women and I think that’s how we will change the world. I’ve never had to change the way I dress for anybody. And I’m proud to say that,” she said.

The 24-year-old actress and Boyfriend No. 13 star also gave some empowering words of advice for women.

“Sa mga babae na tinuturuan kung paano manamit or kung paano nila ili-live yung buhay nila, kasi to each his own eh. May mga girls na okay lang sa kanila and na-e-enjoy nila. Pero if you’re not comfortable you have to tell him na this is how I dress and I think you should respect that,” she adds. 

Boyfriend No. 13 starts streaming for free on WeTV  starting July 2, Friday, at 7:00PM with new episodes weekly.