WATCH: Ben&Ben sings ‘Leaves’ in Korean

Listen to the Korean version of Ben&Ben’s ‘Leaves.’

WATCH: Ben&Ben sings ‘Leaves’ in Korean -Kristhoff Cagape
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06/21/2021 01:06 PM
WATCH: Ben&Ben sings ‘Leaves’ in Korean
Screenshot from Ben&Ben - Leaves Korean Version on YouTube

Filipino folk band Ben&Ben released a Korean version of their 2017 popular song "Leaves" on Sunday, June 20.

The Korean translation was provided by Sandra Jung according to Ben&Ben in the video credits.

The video of the Korean version of "Leaves" has already gained more than 141K views as of this writing.

Netizens were quick to express their elation over the said new version.

"I wouldn't be surprised if one day, Ben&Ben would perform in a very huge crowd in Korea!! Grabe!!!!" one netizen commented.

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"This could literally pass as a K-drama OST," another netizen wrote.



Ben&Ben also recently collaborated with Young K of South Korean group Day6 for another remake of "Leaves" last May.

"We reimagined ‘Leaves’ this year with a surprise collaboration from an artist we really love, Young K from the band Day6. In these times, the message that ‘all will be alright in time’ is more relevant than ever, all over the world. We hope you like it!" Ben&Ben posted about their collaboration.