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First-time celebrity dads embrace fatherhood

Here are some first-time celebrity fathers who are doing great with their daddy duties.

First-time celebrity dads embrace fatherhood -PUSH TEAM

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06/21/2021 06:13 PM
First-time celebrity dads embrace fatherhood
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On Father’s Day yesterday, June 20, celebrity parents definitely did not fall behind in expressing their appreciation for the father figures in their lives.  

In this list, let us get to know a few of the first-time celebrity dads who won the hearts of Filipinos. 

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Slater Young 



Slater Young rose to fame as Pinoy Big Brother’s first male winner back in 2012. Retiring from acting in 2014, he turned his attention to his entrepreneurial endeavors with Liteblock and vlogging from an engineer’s perspective on YouTube. 

Last 2019, Slater  got married to lifestyle and travel blogger Krystle ‘Kryz’ Uy. The two frequent YouTube’s trending list with their vlogs together which include milestones with their first child, Scott Knoa Young. 


Erwan Heussaff 



Despite his hectic schedule, Erwan has been branded on social media as a very hands-on Dad. Even if he is in the midst of cooking and settling business-related tasks, Erwan never seems to leave his daughter’s side.  

In a recent post, his wife Anne Curtis took to social media how she appreciated his efforts as the father of their daughter Dahlia. “Carrying her [Dahlia] for 9 months and her coming out as your twin just goes to show how much I love you!” Anne remarked in a recent Instagram posts that showcased their daughter’s strong resemblance to Erwan.


Jhong Hilario 



Jhong Hilario is a man known for many talents such as acting, dancing, and being a comedian. After becoming a father for the first time last March, Jhong left the show Your Face Sounds Familiar so he could focus on caring for his baby.

Jhong considers his daughter with partner Maia Azores, Sarina, as his boss. He actively shares on social media real time milestones which even include selfies of himself with his daughter crying.


Carlo Aquino 



A post shared by Carlo Aquino (@jose_liwanag)


Carlo Aquino is an actor and musician who launched his showbiz career as a child actor and gained popularity in his teen years. He pursued his current partner Trina Candaza when he saw her modelling at a car show. Several months later, they officially became a couple. 

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Carlo officially became a father October last year to Enola Mithi Aquino. This surprised many as there was no news he and Trina were expecting. In a previous interview with actress Erich Gonzales, Carlo noted that fatherhood has changed him for the better.