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Matteo Guidicelli launches own podcast show ‘Matt Runs’

Actor-singer Matteo Guidicelli can now add ‘podcast host’ to his growing list of titles.

Matteo Guidicelli launches own podcast show ‘Matt Runs’ -Pau Benoza
Pau Benoza

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06/16/2021 12:07 PM
Matteo Guidicelli launches own podcast show ‘Matt Runs’
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Matteo Guidicelli can now add "podcast host" to his growing list of titles.

Just recently, the actor-singer launched his own podcast show, titled Matt Runs, on Spotify. 

"I've always had a fascination with people. Observing their movements, listening to them talk about their experiences, asking them questions, and sharing conversations that make us feel like we've known each other for years," read the description of his show. 

"In this podcast, I'm letting you in [on] these interesting conversations I've had. Let's sit down, talk about love, family, lifestyle, career, country, business, friendship, passions, and—let's not forget everyone's secret—money."

In the first episode of his podcast, Matteo talked about his first year of marriage to Popstar royalty Sarah Geronimo.

"It was really cool, but there's so many challenges we had to go through. It was the first time Sarah and I lived together, so it was kind of challenging. We didn't know our little quirks, we didn't our little things, we didn't know our style, how we wanted this to be this way, that to be that way, and all that stuff. So we had to learn along the way," he admitted. 

"But I really enjoyed. I had a good time. ... We had good laughs. We had good memorable moments, and all that stuff," he added.

Matteo and Sarah celebrated their first anniversary as a married couple last February. The two tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Taguig on February 20, 2020, after being together for more than six years. 

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The actor also shared what fans can expect from his latest solo project.

"This show must be the most pure, honest, as real as it gets conversations with friends, relatives, loved ones, artista/showbiz personalities, non-showbiz people, soldiers, whoever, you know what I'm saying? That's why it's called 'Matt Runs' because conversations run with Matteo. Like, never-ending," he said.

According to Matteo, one of his dream guests for his show is television host Toni Gonzaga. 

"She's an incredible person. She guested me on her 'Toni Talks', when it wasn't 'Toni Talks' yet. We've spoken, but I have so many questions to ask her about 'Toni Talks', about how she conceptualized that, about how she is as a mom, and her businesses around show business, how she diversifies her things. She has a production company. She's amazing," he said.

"Matt Runs" is produced by Matteo and Sarah's production company called G Productions, in partnership with Viva. 

Brand new episodes will be released every Wednesday and Friday.