WATCH: Alex Gonzaga pulls a prank on ‘Yorme’ Isko Moreno

How did Isko Moreno react to Alex Gonzaga’s prank?

WATCH: Alex Gonzaga pulls a prank on ‘Yorme’ Isko Moreno-PUSH TEAM


06/15/2021 03:21 PM
WATCH: Alex Gonzaga pulls a prank on ‘Yorme’ Isko Moreno
Screenshot from Alex Gonzaga Official YouTube Channel

Vlogger and TV host Alex Gonzaga pulled a prank on Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno. 



Alex once again had Isko as a guest on her vlog to give her a tour inside the National Museum of Natural History. 

But unknown to Isko, Alex had a prank in store for him: she was going to act as if she had an upset stomach from eating “kwek-kwek” — the popular Filipino street food which is a hard-boiled egg covered in orange batter — with “Yorme” prior to entering the museum. 

Alex went back and forth to the restroom while Isko was giving her a tour and came back each time with surprises such as fake poop made of peanut butter. 

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The 33-year-old celebrity, who thought Yorme would get mad at her after revealing the prank, was surprised to find out that the latter did not give any negative reactions to her at all. 

“Huy pero alam niyo ang bait ni Yorme. Hindi siya nandiri talaga,” Alex said. 

Yorme, who grew up in the streets of Tondo, said he lived in an environment filled with feces in his hands. 

“Eh puro basura din naman ‘yung hawak ko nu’ng araw. Puro tae din naman ‘yung hinahawakan ko nu’ng araw,” he said. 



Alex then praised Yorme for showing his real side and later on apologized for her prank, saying: “Diyan niyo makikita na si Yorme totoong tao. Prank ‘yun ha. Tsaka nakakahiya inaabala kita, Yorme. Alis ako ng alis. Sorry, Yorme.” 

“Yorme, ang sports at ang bait mo,” Alex said. 

“Naawa ako sa ‘yo eh. Nag-alala ako masabi ko sa ’yo. Mukhang nadale ito ng virus or something,” Yorme told Alex. 

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The local chief executive of Manila also admitted he thought Alex was pregnant. 

“Eh usually baka mamaya … lalo na ‘yung suka. So I just thought, maybe buntis ‘to,” he said. 

Watch the video below: 

When asked if he felt grossed out upon seeing “poop” on Alex’s pants, the Mayor said: “Hindi naman. Normal sa akin ang makakita ng echas. ‘Yung kaklase ko nga nu’ng araw umeechas lumalabas ‘yung bulate.”