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Liza Soberano believes ‘Trese’ can help the youth fall in love with Philippine mythology

‘Trese’ voice actress Liza Soberano reveals her favorite creature from Philippine folklore.

Liza Soberano believes ‘Trese’ can help the youth fall in love with Philippine mythology-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/12/2021 09:16 AM
Liza Soberano believes ‘Trese’ can help the youth fall in love with Philippine mythology
Photo credit: @lizasoberano Instagram

With her first animated Pinoy Netflix series Trese now streaming online, Liza Soberano said the series is important in teaching younger generations about Philippine mythology.

“I feel like that it’s going to have an impact on the youth of today because based on the youth that I get to hang around a bit more with, I feel like Philippine mythology is not taught enough anymore or their parents are not teaching them enough about it anymore. It’s kind of dying down a bit and I feel like in a way, this series is going to revamp that or bring the discussion back up in the minds of people. And our youth are going to know more about our culture and mythology and they’re going to learn to fall in love with these mythological beings even though they are a bit scary. Because in this I feel that they kind of bring more life to each and every creature that we have and they kind of give you an understanding and explanation of why these creatures are here and what they’re purpose is. So it’s just going to bring light to all these stories that we used to hear as kids and it’s going to be shared now with the future generation,” she explained.

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During her growing up years in the States, Liza said she took an interest in local folklore.

“I was always interested in anything that has to magic, mythological creatures, even in America, even in their culture I was always fascinated with that because I’ve always liked the theme of fantasy but when I was growing up in America I would always go to these Filipino parties, that’s what I would call them. Because they were a bunch of all Filipinos getting together either celebrating Manny Pacquiao’s fight or Independence Day in the Philippines.

“I remember that there was this one uncle that I had and he didn’t have any hair at all, no eyebrows, no eyelashes or anything. So when I was young I would always ask him, ‘How come you don’t have hair?’ And I know that sounds insensitive but as a kid I didn’t know that that’s insensitive. And he would always tell me that the duwende took his hair from him because he peed on a tree. So I was always afraid of that. That was always stuck on the back of my head. So whenever I would see my brother or my male cousins or my dad or whoever it is peeing in some random area, I would always have in the back of my mind, ‘My gosh, they’re going to lose their hair or something bad is going to happen to them. The duwende is going to take something away from them.’ So that’s my story that I grew up hearing a lot and then of course when I got older I found out he had alopecia so that explains why he didn’t have hair,” she recalled.

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When she joined showbiz, the Trese actress said she became more aware of mythological creatures. “I also had an experience when we started taping because we’re always out in forests and everything for taping or filming and there would be instances where it would rain but it would also be super sunny at the same time and hot. And I’d be like, ‘What is this? What is going on?’ and people would say, ‘May kinakasal na tikbalang.’ And then I would be like, ‘What? What does that have to do with it? (laughs)’ But until now I still think about that whenever it happens,” she explained.

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In the anime series Trese, Liza lends her voice to Alexandra Trese, the guardian and protector of the human world, as well as peacekeeper between humans and tribes of the tikbalangs, aswangs, duwendes, the underworld, and more. Out of all the creatures, Liza shares her favorite.

“I think my favorite are the aswangs just because we see so much of them throughout the whole series and aside from that, I like that they can shape shift and morph into something more presentable because aswangs look scary. When they want to, they can change their appearance so that they become more likable or attractive for whatever purpose that they need,” she added.

All six episodes of Trese are now available on Netflix. For more updates, visit  https://www.netflix.com/trese.