Bernadette Sembrano shares the story behind new haircut

This is how Bernadette Sembrano got her haircut.

 Bernadette Sembrano shares the story behind new haircut-Kristhoff Cagape
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05/06/2021 03:24 PM
 Bernadette Sembrano shares the story behind new haircut
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Bernadette Sembrano, who recently recovered from COVID-19, shared the story about her new hairstyle.

The broadcaster revealed that she initially thought of cutting her own hair. 

"I was veryyyy desperate. Naghahanap ako DIY na on YouTube to cut my own hair! HONEST. Ang hirap ng hindi mo gamay," she confessed.

Fortunately, she found a salon that agreed to set up an open door spot for her to get a haircut.

"What a blessing that I found a salon was just by the road! And best of all they understood my apprehension of being indoors. 'Pwede ba ako magpagupit sa labas - kahit sa parking lot,'" she shared.

She further relayed, "They set up an isolated space just for me !!!! I called it The solarium ...kasi no aircon and Bukas pinto ! @designstudioph. Super salamat din kay Barbie sa tiis sa init. Love the hair!" 

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Bernadette opened up that contracting COVID gave her anxieties. Despite the fears, the journalist remains optimistic. 

"Recovering from Covid—you will have fears but you must continue to live even if it means doing things differently .We cope. We remain agile. We stay alive happy," she stated. 

"And yes we continue to understand each other without judgment but with more compassion .And yes, walk in lightness. Free," she added.