WATCH: Ben&Ben appears on Arirang-produced Simply K-Pop Con-Tour show

Ben&Ben performed K-pop covers at the K-Pop Con-Tour show.

WATCH: Ben&Ben appears on Arirang-produced Simply K-Pop Con-Tour show-PUSH TEAM


05/04/2021 09:38 AM
WATCH: Ben&Ben appears on Arirang-produced Simply K-Pop Con-Tour show
Screenshot from ARIRANG K-POP YouTube Channel

Multi-awarded Filipino folk band Ben&Ben appeared at the Arirang channel-produced show the Simply K-Pop Con-Tour. 



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Asked what they’ve been up to during the pandemic, Ben&Ben opened up about moving on together as a group and sharing to the world a piece of exciting news: a new album is on its way. 

“Well, last year, we decided to move in together for the first time. So we’re now living together in one house. And we’ve been doing lots of stuff. Of course, new music. We’ve been recording a lot of songs. We’re upcoming up with an album,” Ben&Ben shared. 

“But we also did some YouTube shows and an episode of that, we covered a lot of K-pop songs,” the group added. 



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Having done several K-pop covers in the past, the nine-piece group said they couldn’t be more thankful for the love they received from fans of different groups and added that at the end of the day, all they want is to do justice to these songs. 

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“We’re happy that the fans and listeners of these groups — yours included — appreciated the covers and we want else but to give justice to these songs. And we really had a lot of fun. And we’re glad they had a lot of fun as well. 

Apart from singing one of the group’s hit track — “Leaves” — Ben&Ben also did a cover of K-pop songs including one from the hosts of the show: a track from The Boyz. 

Watch the video below: 

Towards the end of their appearance, Ben&Ben thanked their Pinoy fans who have watched and supported them. 

“Thank you, guys, for being here. Thank you for being such great fans of music, of K-pp, of Filipino music. We love the exchange of culture right here. And always remember that you are our liwanag,” Ben&Ben stated. 

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Artists who performed at the show include ENHYPEN, AB6IX, ONF, MINZY, OnlyOneOf, BIBI, Lim Seo Won, GreatGuys, NORAZO, NTX, SORAN, DONGKIZ, MAJORS, KEEMBO, and SeoSungHyuk. 

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