‘I hated all of her exes’: Krissy Villongco jokes about sister Ericka’s ex-boyfriends

One of Ericka Villongco’s ex-boyfriends is James Reid.



05/03/2021 06:17 PM
‘I hated all of her exes’: Krissy Villongco jokes about sister Ericka’s ex-boyfriends
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Sister Krissy and Ericka Villongco talked about their exes and everything in between in a vlog released last April 30. 



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The sisters — who are now residing in the US — candidly talked about their personal lives as they answered questions sent in by fans while trying out a brand new home facial device. 

When asked about each other’s favorite exes, Krissy told her sister: “It’s about to go down. His name is *bleeps*.” To which Ericka responded with: “I’m going to shoot you.”

“No, that’s a lie. I hated all of her exes. Let’s just leave it at that,” Krissy said. Ericka then responded by saying: “No. We’re going to continue.” 

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“I was just kidding. That’s a lie. He’s not my favorite,” Krissy said, referring to the first guy she mentioned on the vlog.

While she did not name the guy she was referring to, Krissy admitted she liked Ericka’s first boyfriend. 



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“Honestly, I think it was your first boyfriend. He was the one that I definitely got along with the most,” Krissy revealed. 

“That’s what I was thinking, too. He made you laugh like all the time,” Ericka said, seemingly seconding her sister’s thoughts. “He was cool too, as a friend,” Ericka added.

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Krissy revealed she told her sister to break up with her ex at that time whom she described as someone “ugly.” 

“And I told you several times he’s ugly, break up with him. And you’re like ‘I love him’ and a few years later you’re like ‘Why didn’t you tell me he was ugly?’ I told you several times,” Krissy said. 

Watch the video below: 

Meanwhile, Ericka also opened up about her favorite among her sister’s exes. 

“So, my favorite ex … obviously, I would pick the first one. I’m not going to say I didn’t like him. He was nice. But they both could’ve changed for the better,” Ericka said. 



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“Did you hear that? My sister said you couldn’t treat me better,” Krissy said.