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Morissette Amon celebrates 10 years in showbiz with OPM classic ‘Shine’

Singer Morissette Amon revives the Regine Velasquez hit ‘Shine’ on its 25th anniversary.

Morissette Amon celebrates 10 years in showbiz with OPM classic ‘Shine’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/23/2021 08:26 AM
Morissette Amon celebrates 10 years in showbiz with OPM classic ‘Shine’
Photo credit: @itsmorissette Instagram

After being handpicked to sing the 25th anniversary version of the song “Shine” by its composer Trina Belarmide and the song’s arranger Jonathan Manalo, Morissette Amon said the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for her this year.

“This year, I’m also celebrating my 10th year anniversary naman in the industry so it’s just super, super timely na nangyayari ito lahat despite the pandemic also. I think what’s making me shine right now is right now nasa point ako as an artist na gusto ko mag-grow,” she said.

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Aside from performing, the new “Shine” singer said she has also branched out to creating her own compositions.

“So I’ve also been trying to write music, even co-producing also. I think yun din yung nag-da-drive sa akin lately to really grow more as an artist and hindi yung mag-se-settle, yung kakanta lang. I’m also happy because during the process of recording this it was very collaborative, siyempre si kuya Jonathan naman talaga pag mag-re-record as ini-input niya lagi yung perfection (laughs). So parang sa end ko, it was more of making the song my own and how the song is true to me. It’s really an anthem song for a lot of people including myself kaya parang I’m just really grateful and blessed for this opportunity,” she said.

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When she was starting out in the industry, the 24-year-old performer admitted she would get stressed.

Tuwing nagkakaroon ng malaking event, nagkakasakit ako. Siyempre that affects yung boses ko or ngongo ako, mababa yung boses ko or stressed ako, mabilis ako ma-stress. Even yung mga grand finals ng Himig Handog oh my gosh ang dami kong pinagdaanan na mga moments na ganun.

“In moments like that, I just really try to tell myself na kapit lang, you can do this. There’s so many moments na ganun na I’m in top shape pero I really have to pull through because I’m not just thinking about myself but I’m also thinking about the people who bought to tickets to watch the show or even everyone na nag-fly in to watch the show live. So there’s so many other things t consider rather than just myself. Pero we just really have to pull through at the end of the day,” she explained.

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When asked to share what she considers a standout moment in her career, Morissette said it was when she finally sang her own original song.

“I think it was when I was also asked by Star Music to interpret for Himig Handog yung ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’. Kasi I remember nung nasa Cebu pa kami, me and my family, and siyempre marami namang mga events or shows, pero sabi namin nun iba talaga pag may original song ka. So when Star Music reached out to me, I was super happy at that time, I had just finished The Voice. I did not make it to the grand finals. Hindi ako nanalo pero in-open pa rin ni Star Music yung doors nila to make me a part of their family and to ask me to interpret ‘Akin ka Na Lang’. It really opened a lot of opportunities not just for me but also even kay kuya Kiko Salazar who is the songwriter. Although there were already a lot of moments that happened in my career before then, pero I think what really lifted me high a little more was being able to put out a original song,” she said.