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Keann Johnson won’t sacrifice his studies for showbiz

New Squad Plus member Keann Johnson reveals the Kapamilya actors whose career paths he hopes to follow someday.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/11/2021 12:18 PM
Keann Johnson won’t sacrifice his studies for showbiz
Photo Credit: @thekeanneffect_ Instagram

Known for breakout role in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry The Boy Foretold By The Stars last year, new Squad Plus member Keann Johnson said he doesn’t idolize any one actor when it comes to acting.

“Siyempre as an actor you’re supposed to portray any role that’s given to you. And then let’s be honest I can never aim to be Daniel Padilla or si Tony Labrusca kasi siyempre first of all I want to make my own name and secondly, I want to be a versatile actor. Kung gawin akong good boy I will do it and kung gawin akong kontrabida by all means as well. I don’t want to stick to just that one role na i-si-stick sa akin,” he explained.

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Before acting, Keann made his mark on the runway as a model.

“I started off sa modeling and then I veered into commercial modeling. At that time I was really exploring the things that I wanted to do. Sa totoo lang I didn’t want to be any part of showbiz before. But as you can see I feel more hyped that ever. It’s because the more I got into the industry, the more I became more adventurous. And then from commercial modeling nag-venture out ako into network and film. And then dire-diretso na yung mga projects up until yung The Boy Foretold By The Stars nung December,” he said.

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Another passion of Keann’s is acting on stage, an experience he plans to use as part of the cast of the new teleserye Marry Me, Marry You.

“Before I got into commercial modeling, I started off sa theater and I did a few shows. I have theater experience and that’s where my acting career took off and that’s when I realized I wanted to be an actor and take it a lot more seriously. Kaya ako nagpapasalamat na naging parte ako ng teatro,” he added.

After joining Squad Plus and a new show this year, Keann admitted he had to put his studies on hold temporarily. But this doesn’t mean he would ever give up his studies for acting.

“I’ll be perfectly honest, I’d still choose medicine because that was my original dream since I was a child and I can’t steer away from that just because something else entered my life. But that doesn’t mean I will always stick to that one dream. Siyempre we’re given the awesome gift that we can have multiple dreams that’s why I also have being an artist as part of my goals in life. I think sa totoo lang, it’s a domino effect. How can you have a career if you don’t have education? I’ll prioritize education and then the career will follow. You can do nothing without education kaya importante din mag-aral and what not,” he said.