WATCH: Roxanne Barcelo in tears as she reveals gender of her baby

Roxanne Barcelo and her husband are expecting a baby boy.



04/07/2021 10:03 AM
WATCH: Roxanne Barcelo in tears as she reveals gender of her baby
Screenshot from Roxanne Barcelo YouTube Channel

Roxanne Barcelo couldn’t help but shed tears as she revealed the gender of her first baby with her husband in her new vlog. 



“My brother-in-law and his fiancée sent us this adorable blue elephant and they also sent a beautiful card. We showed them the ultrasound shots and it’s a baby boy,” Roxanne revealed. 

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“My sister-in-law and her boyfriend sent this cute hat for baby. So, he’s our baby panda,” she continued. 

She added in jest: “But he also has a freedom to choose if he wants to be an elephant as his uncle suggests and aunt suggests a bunny. We’ll find out.”



“We are having a beautiful boy,” she remarked. 

Asked how she feels upon finding out the great news, she said: “So happy.” To which her husband responded with: “Yeah, me too.” 

Watch the video below: 

In a vlog released back in December, the 36-year-old actress opened up about being a married woman. She likewise shared in the same vlog how happy she is seeing her mom and husband got along. 

“So I’m so happy that my partner is on, you know, another level of understanding with my nanay. Kasi si nanay, love na love siya. Du’n ko nakita na kapag ‘yung partner mo gusto ng parents mo, iba ‘yung flow, iba ‘yung saya ng buhay,” she said. 

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It was in January when Roxanne first announced she was expecting a baby with her husband. 

Meanwhile, Roxanne has yet to reveal the identity of her husband.