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David Chua denies being a Gong Yoo copycat: ‘It’s my dream to play a Pinoy adaptation of ‘Goblin’’

Actor and producer David Chua shares his love for all things

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


04/07/2021 05:36 PM
David Chua denies being a Gong Yoo copycat: ‘It’s my dream to play a Pinoy adaptation of ‘Goblin’’
Photo Credit: @daviduychua Instagram

After crossing over from modeling to acting more than a decade ago, David Chua has had his fair share of acting experience, having been part of 30 or so teleseryes since 2008 when he was cast in his first role in My Girl starring Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Last year, he signed on to become part of Arnold Vegafria’s ALV Talent Circuit. 

Despite his visibility onscreen, David said he still gets mistaken for other people, most commonly for Korean actor Gong Yoo whom he also admires. But the 32-year-old artist denies he is copying the K-drama star.



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“I’m such a big fan. I think I’ve watched his series Goblin three times. He's so talented. His facial expressions are so truthful and natural and they're never the same. He's versatile and good-looking too. It’s my dream to play a Pinoy adaptation of Goblin. Great story, great acting, so memorable. K-Pop is all the rage worldwide and all the more here in the Philippines. To be identified with this rage is truly a compliment. But I never aspired to be just some copycat. I play roles with as much authenticity as possible. All my roles in the 30-plus TV shows I've done with ABS-CBN were hardly copies of anything or anyone. And I’ve won an award for something I believe I portrayed uniquely, and am thankful for the recognition. It tells me I’m on the right track,” he shared.



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Aside from watching Korean shows, David revealed he is a fan of a lot of Korean things including fashion. “When I first joined showbiz, I recall I was medyo too clean-cut, with side-parted hair and all. "I was projecting Tom Cruise for a bit. But then I thought, I surely don’t look American. And then, the Korean trend became the in thing. It found me! Haha! I must admit that I identify with it because I do have strong Asian features. I'm inspired by it, but not really taken over. I still prefer to be known as myself and not some look-alike. I like clean, simple lines and colors for clothing to balance off my rugged head of hair. I identify more with the fashion of K-Drama actors more than K-Pop performers. I wish I could wear more of those turtle necks, jackets and trenches. Haha! Unfortunately, it's hot here,” he added.

After his last project Love Thy Woman, David hopes to be able to channel his idol Gong Yoo in a project like the hit fantasy drama series Goblin.



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“I am an admirer of the originality of their story plots and the unpredictability of their twists and outcomes. Think Goblin, Train to Busan, or Parasite. Even their romantic movies and series are fresh and memorable. Crash Landing On You, My Sassy Girl, World of Married Couples are just a few that viewers have gotten obsessed with. Goblin has all the elements of what Pinoy televiewers want is in this storyline, romance, fantasy, good versus evil, a supernatural being in love with an ordinary mortal, ultimate sacrifice in the end, unrequited love."