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Derek Ramsay reveals the moment he fell in love with Ellen Adarna: ‘Totally out of this world’

Derek Ramsay shares with G3 San Diego how his love story with Ellen Adarna began this year.

Derek Ramsay reveals the moment he fell in love with Ellen Adarna: ‘Totally out of this world’-PUSH TEAM


04/06/2021 12:57 PM
Derek Ramsay reveals the moment he fell in love with Ellen Adarna: ‘Totally out of this world’
Photo Credit: @ramsayderek07 Instagram

After setting the online world abuzz with their whirlwind romance ending in a surprise engagement last month, Derek Ramsay revealed in an interview on Live With G3 with G3 San Diego last April 5 how his unexpected love story with Ellen Adarna began.

“I used to follow her (on social media) because I really wanted to learn skip rope. I had a crush on her before. She had this workout video. I was definitely physically attracted to her. I was supposed to do a movie with her but that didn’t push through. She backed out. Eh medyo sexy yung movie. I ended up doing the movie with Lovi Poe. And then it was just weird. We’d message. The messages through Instagram were innocent. It was like only twice maybe. Just DM. Wala talaga nangyari. Comments lang,” he said.

The two met again at another get-together because of the prodding of their common friend John Estrada.

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“We met at that restaurant. I walked in with my nephew and my niece. Dinala ko nephew and niece ko para may excuse akong umuwi ng maaga. Kasi ayokong pumunta. Pinilit talaga ako ni John (Estrada). John is my good friend and John is like, ‘Pumunta ka na dito. Bigay mo na sa akin ito please.’ So, I went. Sabi ko, ‘Okay lang I bring my nephew and my niece?’ Sabi niya no problem. So, I walk in and I don’t see Ellen. I say hi to John and I say hi to the people there and then I look to my right and Ellen is coming from the toilet. And literally this is what happened. This is no joke. Sabi niya, ‘Shit ang guwapo mo!’ (laughs). No joke. that was the first words we exchanged with each other. I was like, ‘Thank you and hi I’m Derek,” he recalled.

The night ended with Ellen getting a ride home with Derek because they found out they lived near each other in the same village.

“So we ended the night. We went down to the lobby of Shang. Her car is not there yet. And I’m like, ‘You know we’re neighbors right? I can give you a ride home.’ And she goes, ‘Ako game ako diyan!’ (laughs) so she tells her PA, ‘O ikaw na maghintay ng driver sasama na ako.’ And then I take her home and that’s where I saw, the conversation we had in the car, there was four of us naman in the care, na may depth pala itong tao na ‘to. We had a really good conversation going. I took her home. She just said goodbye and just walked into her house. So, I dropped her off. I said, ‘Wow she’s really smart. She’s super smart.’ But I wasn’t looking for anything. And then the next time we spoke was on the next day. I said it was nice to meet you and then we’re talking about the dinner,” he told G3. 

During the party he hosted in his home, Derek spent more time getting to know Ellen.

“We sat outside by the pool and we talked and had a few drinks and the chef was kind of late so we had more than a few drinks. By the time dinner was served medyo nakainom na kami and that’s where the magic started. We ended the evening with Ellen just getting off the chair and going to the couch and passing out. I went over just to see if she’s okay and then the PA goes, ‘Huwag! Sasampalin ka niyan. Huwag mong gisingin yan!’ (laughs). So, I carried her and I put her in my bedroom. I put you in my bed and I told her PA, ‘Jess, dito na kayo matulog at dun na ako matutulog sa isang kuwarto.’ And then she woke up and they snuck out of the house. I went and wala na sila sa kuwarto. The door was left open, the aircon was left open. And then after that, the rest is history,” he said.

During the hour and a half long interview, the couple shared how they had their first misunderstanding, their first road trip, their first kiss, and how they officially become a couple last February 4.

“I asked her to be my girlfriend. I wanted to know if she wanted commitment We’d be talking lying down beside each other and I don’t know how I told her that I loved her. I don’t know what happened to me. It just happened and I got cold sweats. Nasuka ako… Both of us have no game in this relationship. Like pareho kaming naging tameme na torpe, hindi namin alam how to act, like high school. We didn’t even kiss during ligawan. Imagine I’m a man and I can hear her talk to her friends saying, ‘He doesn’t even touch me. He hasn’t done anything oh my God.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh wow.’ I felt something different. Like totally out of this world na I’ve never felt before. And I want to figure out what it was,” he said.

Derek also revealed that he invited Ellen to move in with him because she was initially staying with a relative who was a senior citizen.

“Kasi she was living with her auntie and she would go in and out of the house so the aunt was really scared so she was going to move somewhere. So, I offered because she was going to go into taping naman. Sabi ko, ‘Why don’t you just stay here na lang? It’s safer for you.’ The thing is, we knew na eh. We know,” he added.

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