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  • Actress Jean Garcia and daughter Jennica pay tribute to their matriarch Sandra Garcia in their latest Instagram posts. 

Jean Garcia’s mom passes away due to COVID-19

Actress Jean Garcia and daughter Jennica pay tribute to their matriarch Sandra Garcia in their latest Instagram posts. 

Jean Garcia’s mom passes away due to COVID-19-PUSH TEAM


04/04/2021 08:39 AM
Jean Garcia’s mom passes away due to COVID-19
Photo credit: @chic2garcia and @jennicauytingco Instagram

On April 3, actress Jean Garcia shared through Instagram that her 70-year-old mother Sandra had recently passed away due to COVID -19 and other underlying health conditions. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Jean revealed her mom was initially hospitalized due to suspected stroke but also tested positive for COVID upon admission. She passed away at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan.

On Jean’s Instagram account, she shared a loving tribute for her mom who bears a striking resemblance to the 51-year-old actress. She wrote, “Our family lost a beautiful soul

“In my garden of flowers the most beautiful one was picked by God and taken away. But I will continue watering the garden so it could bear more beautiful flowers like you.

“The past days had been rough. I’ve been tirelessly uttering my prayer petition that your healing would be the best gift that God would ever grant our family. Even bargained and promised to give more time and do my best to take care of you, in exchange of the healing and miracle I am asking and hoping for. But, yes, GOD has other plans for us. Exactly on your 7th day at the hospital, I lost an amazing mom whom I love so dearly.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would be this soon. Sorrowful thoughts continuously crossed my mind so many times that I have lost count, so many ‘wonder’ lists that I still ask God. I wonder what life would be like if you were still here? I wonder who I would be if you were still here? I wonder what we would all be like. Yes, I keep on wondering about the different ways things would have turned out...with you STILL in our lives. But, whenever I try to accomplish the thoughts, I am being reminded that, ‘God’s timing is unquestionable and in Him, you should always seek refuge, for He will never abandon you.’

“I am forever grateful to God for giving you to us, and while we were still in the midst of battling through life’s ups and downs together...He suddenly called you back home. Mommy, know that you are missed. Your absence is felt every day. A part of me is still lost and I am wondering if I will ever get it back. Maybe that piece is in heaven with you and someday you can put it back in me, so I will be whole again. It will never get easier losing you while there are so many things reminding me of you and your love, but in your honor I will live a life that would have made you proud of me if you were still here.

“You may not be physically here anymore, but your love and light will live on forever. Your memory will forever give me strength. So fly high now my dearest Mommy and do not ever forget that I will carry you here in my heart wherever I go...forever.
I love you Mommy...until we meet again, Chic-chic

“In life, we loved you dearly. In death, we love you still”


A post shared by Jean Garcia (@chic2garcia)

Jean’s daughter Jennica also shared a love-filled message for her lola in her Instagram account. She wrote, “Lola, I still have so many questions.

“Lola this month of March is so difficult for me.

“I know you tried your best to beat COVID and I want to say that I am happy still because you are now next to Christ but Lola it’s so hard. I want to spend more time with you. I am in disbelief that I lost you to covid. Sobrang lakas mo pa Lola. You are only 70 years old. My heart is in so much pain for losing you. I will miss your stories about faeries and duwendes. I remember how you sighed when you realized I was a big girl already and is no longer interested in the world of fairytales and I remember your joy when I was already an adult and brought you precious stones because it opened the doors again for your many stories of the wonders of the unknown. I would listen to you with my kids, their mouths wide open. You tell the BEST stories Lola. You had a one of a kind childhood and you are the person that I know to be most in touch with your intuition. I love you so much Lola. Please watch over me and my children from heaven. Please remember that we always NEED you. We will see you in heaven one day Lola. There is eternity in Christ. When that day comes, my girls and I will once again sit on the floor while you sit on a chair. We will look up to you as you share magical stories that will transport us into an entirely different world. You have my heart Lola. You have my heart.”