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Ellen Adarna shares how she quit smoking

Ellen Adarna shared that she has been cigarette-free for three years now.

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04/23/2021 02:18 PM
Ellen Adarna shares how she quit smoking
Photo Credit: @maria.elena.adarna Instagram

Ellen Adarna took to social media to share how she was able to quit smoking.

On her Instagram page, the actress relayed that she was 17 when she began smoking and admitted that it was difficult to stop it.

"Smoking has always been something I wanted to stop and it is a very challenging habit to get rid of. As I aged, I noticed how it affected my health, especially when I do physical activities," she said.



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The actress shared that she discovered an alternative later on. "I decided to look for an alternative. And found out about vaping," she relayed.

According to Ellen, she has been cigarette free for three years now.

"It’s a lot better and easier especially with the fresh fruity vaping flavors available," she shared. 

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In recent months, Ellen has been sharing her physical and mental health journey on social media too. 

She has been posting about her jump rope workout on social media.

"My favorite cardio #jumprope. To everyone asking... I do not count my jumps because of the tricks and I lose focus when I do. but, I do 5-8 rounds of 3min with 1min rest. Rope Brand — Biggest Loser (I’ve had this rope for more than 10 years) can’t find it anymore   I prefer using plastic ropes," she shared about her jump rope routine in one of her Instagram posts.



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She also underwent a mental health training in Indonesia.

"I am 101% okay now. No more meds and sadness... Just love and smiles. I am out of that black hole," she shared after the said training.