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Geneva Cruz opens up about losing mother to COVID-19

Actress-singer Geneva Cruz talks about the death of her mother, Marilyn Cruz.

Geneva Cruz opens up about losing mother to COVID-19-Pau Benoza
Pau Benoza

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04/22/2021 09:33 AM
Geneva Cruz opens up about losing mother to COVID-19
Photo Credit: @genevacruzofficial Instagram

For the first time since losing her to the novel coronavirus, actress-singer Geneva Cruz opened up about the death of her mother, Marilyn Cruz.



In her latest post on Instagram, the former Smokey Mountain member shared that she and her family have finally taken home their mother's cremated remains, a day after she succumbed to COVID-19.



"When we saw the urn, it hit us that it is real, that she is really gone," Geneva said. "COVID is real, and it isn’t just like the flu because it is over ten times lethal as the flu, and it is worse for people who already have existing medical conditions, just like our mother."

It was earlier this month when Geneva revealed that her mother was infected by COVID-19. At the time, she said that her mom had "been hit hard" by the deadly virus as she has hypertension and diabetes. 

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"The eight days she was in the hospital were agonizing with ups and downs almost every day. Our only contact was through FaceTime and telephone calls," recalled Geneva in her latest post.

"One day she felt better and was eating like her old self; the next day, her condition was worse than before," she said. "My doctor friend told me that COVID gets worse after a week, even if you’re starting to feel better a few days prior. That’s when pneumonia sets in, so you’re not really out of the woods yet until two weeks have passed since the onset of symptoms."

According to Geneva, since her passing, they have not been able to hold a proper memorial service for their mother because of their fear of COVID-19.

"We could put ourselves and others at risk. We do not wish this kind of pain upon anyone. We look out for one another," she said. 

Geneva then paid tribute to her late mother, remembering her as a "woman MacGyver" who loved making people laugh with her "tita jokes" and was always the life of the party.

"She could do everything from plumbing to changing car tires, cooking delicious food; she was a competent driver and loved to sew beautiful clothes and even made upholstery. She was compassionate and brave, too, as she fought the underdog and gave liars and bullshitters with a piece of her mind. She also did the make-up of family members who passed away and dressed them up. Since papa was mainly abroad when my sisters and I were kids, she was both mom and dad most times. Mama was always there for us and loved to serve the family as a way of showing her love for us," she said.

Admitting that she's still dealing with the pain of losing her mom, Geneva urged her followers to love and appreciate their mothers while they still have the chance.

"It still hurts a lot. Our lives will never be the same again," she said. Love and understand your mothers and focus on their goodness instead of their shortcomings because one day, when she’s gone, you would want to give all you have to have another kiss or hug from her."

Addressing her late mother, Geneva said: “Rest In Peace, our dearest mother. I can’t promise not to cry every day (I'm bawling as I am writing this), but I promise to make you proud if given another chance to shine again because I know you’ll be the happiest and will always be my number one fan. I also promise to let your spirit live in all my good works from this day forward. 


Your firstborn and mini-me, Gen."