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BTS reject? Darren Espanto walks out after his sister jokes about his hairstyle

Darren Espanto’s sister called the young singer a BTS reject.



04/20/2021 02:15 PM
BTS reject? Darren Espanto walks out after his sister jokes about his hairstyle
Screenshot from Darren Lyndon Espanto YouTube Channel

Darren Espanto gave fans an inside look at his relationship with his sister Lynelle through a Sibling Tag vlog released on his YouTube channel earlier this month. 



In the said vlog, Darren and his sister answered a number of questions about each other including what they like and hate about one another. 

Taking pride in his sister, he said: “You know, Lynelle — she’s very smart for her age. She actually had to go to school earlier than most of the kids her age. So, she’s always the youngest in her class.” 

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According to Darren, what he loves most about his sister is she’s not afraid to speak her mind. 

“She’s very brave. She’s very outspoken. She really speaks her mind all the time which I couldn’t do when I was a kid. And I know everyone knows that when I was a kid, I was very shy. I would just sit in the corner. When you would ask me this thing, I would cry,” Darren said. 

Looking at his sister, Darren said: “You always think about us before yourself. Like ‘O, Kuya, have the last piece of this, have the last piece of that.”

Lynelle, for her part, said she loves how her brother would give her almost everything she wants, saying: “I like how he is very nice. And whenever I say that I really want something, he either gives it to me or like he, in a way, gives it to me.” 

“I don’t like her laugh,” Darren said while laughing. In her defense, Lynelle said: “I don’t blame you. I don’t have the best laugh in the world, but I wouldn’t be the worst.”

Sharing what he hates about his sister, Darren said: “What do I not like about you? Oh, she’s always distracted. She would be on the piano. She would be practicing her piano pieces and stuff like that.”



He went on: “And she has her laptop and her iPad and she’d be watching on YouTube and I’m like ‘you’ve never seen a student do that before.’ But Lynelle does that. She’s like ‘it calms me down, Kuya.’”

Lynelle, for her part, said she hates it when Darren would randomly enter her room.

“I hate when he goes into my room randomly that’s why I have to lock my door. Like I could be chilling in my bed like talking to my friends at school and he just comes like ‘Bonjour’ and I’m like …,” Lynelle said. 

Lynelle added by sharing she also hates her brother’s hair, saying: “Cause he’s experienced a lot of hairstyles.” 

Describing her brother’s hairstyle, she teased her brother about looking like a reject of K-Pop group BTS sometimes, saying: “His hairstyle sometimes he’s like a disco Asian Korean boy or like BTS reject.”

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This prompted Darren to walk out. 

Watch the video below: 

Darren and Lynelle also talked about the things that annoy them the most about each other and the things that one can do, but the other can’t.