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Arci Munoz explains courting video with JM De Guzman: ‘Wala lang, nagkatuwaan lang’

‘Walang Hanggang Paalam’ actress Arci Munoz reveals the reason it looked like JM De Guzman was courting her.

Rhea Manila Santos

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04/15/2021 09:46 AM
Arci Munoz explains courting video with JM De Guzman: ‘Wala lang, nagkatuwaan lang’
Photo Credit: @1migueldeguzman Instagram

During the recent Walang Hanggang Paalam finale presscon, Arci Munoz said there’s no better word to describe her lock in taping experience with the show than “bittersweet.”

“It’s different because I did it in a pandemic and in a bubble so the bond that we were able to create during those times that we were doing this show is iba. Iba talaga. Solid. unlike from dun sa mga previous shows that I was able to do na every other day kami nagkikita. So it was kind of bittersweet kasi we are also looking forward to go home and see our families and at the same time sad kasi mahihiwalay ka dun sa pamilya that you were able to create while you’re doing this show. So for me it’s a little bit bittersweet,” she explained.

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With the series nearing its finale this month, the 32-year-old actress gave thanks to her co-stars and the staff of the show for producing a teleserye even during a pandemic.

“There’s no denying that we have really been through a lot while doing this soap but all thanks to these people, the cast, the crew, the staff, they made it a lot easier. I also want to thank and acknowledge all the people behind the camera. Because it’s not really easy. It wasn’t easy but we all came through and I’m just really glad to be part of this show. Always grateful. Up to now we have this group chat on Viber so updated pa rin kami on each other. With that I know for sure that we created a really solid bond.

“Simula pa lang nung show, alam mo na unforgettable siya kasi shinoot mo siya habang may pandemic. Dun pa lang medyo may struggle na. Kaya dun pa lang hindi ko na makakalimutan. Kumbaga pagdating ng panahon, maikuwento ko man ito sa mga ibang tao, sa anak ko, sasabihin ko, ‘Uy alam mo ba nag-shoot ako nung may pandemic.’ It’s always fun to be around these people. Buti na lang I’m really happy and grateful na sila talaga yung mga kasama ko kasi masayahin silang mga tao. So no dull moments talaga every time on and off cam,” she shared.

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Arci and her close friend JM de Guzman recently made headlines when her vlog showed them enjoying a family beach trip together where he looked like he was proposing to her. The 32-year-old actress clarified the real reason why it looked that way onscreen.

“We went to Boracay with the whole family. Everybody knows naman that me and JM are really close since college days. And my brother proposed to his girlfriend tapos ewan ko dun kay JM yung suggestion na maipasok yung ring at saka flowers in the middle of sunset scenery. Inabot lang niya yung flowers sa akin. It’s about the editing lang. I wasn’t really going to put it in the vlog. Wala lang, nagkatuwaan lang (laughs). We’re still best friends. Best friends forever,” she said.

Arci also shared her personal thoughts on love. “Love is sacrifice. Whether it gets reciprocated or not, you feel it eh. So it’s hard to stop that emotion in your heart once you feel na you’re deeply in love. It brings joy and happiness to you. Whatever happens along the way, kung mahalin ka man ng tao na mahal mo, alam mo sa sarili mo na nag-sacrifice ka and you gave it your all. And at the end of the day, you know what’s true in your heart. That is love,” she added.