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Nikki Valdez and husband survive COVID-19

Actress Nikki Valdez opened up about their battle with COVID-19 on Instagram.

Nikki Valdez and husband survive COVID-19-Pau Benoza
Pau Benoza

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04/12/2021 01:47 PM
Nikki Valdez and husband survive COVID-19
Photo Credit: @nikkivaldez_ Instagram

"COVID is real."

This is what actress Nikki Valdez said as she revealed Friday, April 9, that she and her husband Luis Garcia were infected by the novel coronavirus.

The 40-year-old Star Magic talent opened up about their battle with COVID-19 on Instagram, saying she and her husband were diagnosed with the deadly virus two weeks ago.  



"Two weeks ago, my husband and I tested positive for COVID—a most dreaded situation not any one of us would want to be in. It was so painful, we both did not know how to react. We were both just staring out the window. All we could think of was my Mom who was a senior and my daughter who lived with us," she said.

According to Nikki, she and Luis experienced body ache, mild, dry cough, and a "flu-like" feeling despite their temperature being normal. 

"The first few days were the hardest. There were days that were okay and days that I felt just blah... Body aches, flu-like feeling a 1000x worst (but temp was normal—weird!!!), mild dry cough and 10-12 hours of sleep was not enough... COVID is more than a virus. It will toy not only with your physical health but mostly with your emotions. It's been the hardest first 7 days in isolation," she added.

However, Nikki is happy to announce that their "agony has ended", as she and her husband have already recuperated from the disease.

"All I can say is I am truly grateful to have a family and good friends who were there cheering on and giving endless support and love. I would like to thank our monitoring doctors for a job well done!!! You are truly the whole world’s unsung heroes making sure that we get well," she said.

"Trials will break you if you allow it to but 14 days in isolation has given Luis and I once again a healthier perspective on things and has just made our whole family stronger together," she continued. "COVID is real but so is our God who is our Divine healer. It is only by Your grace that we are alive and well!"

In a separate post, Nikki expressed her appreciation to her mother for taking care of her and Luis, as well as her daughter Olivia, throughout the ordeal.

Sharing a photo of her Mommy Norms wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), the actress wrote: This is my Mommy Norms. 71. Fighter. The BEST!"



"The things a Mother would do for her children— a Mother’s love knows no boundaries. Their love is limitless and is of FULL service day in and day out. They never get tired for their children.

"Mommy took care of Luis and I making sure we ate properly, were hyrdating ourselves well and the house was disinfected regularly. On top of this, she had to tend to my daughter during Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and make sure everything at home was taken care of even if her health was at risk.

"This selfless act of my Mom only made me stronger and willing to get well as soon as I could."

Addressing her mother, Nikki said: "Your love is never ending and irreplaceable. I am strong because you are stronger."

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Just days after her announcement, Nikki's Bagong Umaga co-star Heaven Peralejo also confirmed that she tested positive for COVID-19.

In a vlog she released over the weekend, the 21-year-old actress said she learned that she was COVID-19 positive while she was at a locked-in taping for the ABS-CBN series.

As of Sunday, April 11, the Philippines has logged a total of 864,868 COVID-19 cases, including 14,945 deaths, 703,404 recoveries, and 146,519 active cases.