Iza Calzado shares why she no longer buys shoes amid pandemic

Iza Calzado shared her realizations about material things.

Iza Calzado shares why she no longer buys shoes amid pandemic-PUSH TEAM


03/23/2021 03:25 PM
Iza Calzado shares why she no longer buys shoes amid pandemic
Photo credit: @missizacalzado IG

Iza Calzado shared that she no longer buys shoes. 

The actress remarked that the pandemic changed her perspective on materials things. She also said that the material things did not help her when she was battling COVID-19 last year. 

"At this point in my life, I'm not really buying shoes at the moment anymore... What I've come to realize because of the pandemic is that... All of these are beautiful, right? But you know what, when I was in the hospital, none of these things helped me pull through when I needed it most," she said in the impromptu closet tour she did in Kapamilya Chat livestream.



Iza relayed that that there are far more things valuable than material things.

"These are all material things and they're great. But what I think we should be really investing in are experiences, properties perhaps, things that appreciate in value. And most importantly, invest in relationships," she stated.

Iza tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2020.

In an interview with Philippine Tatler in June last year, Iza remarked that her battle with COVID and surviving it was such an eye-opener for her.

Coronavirus survivor Iza Calzado donates plasma for COVID-19 patients

"This is the first time that I’ve really had to face my mortality. It is a very humbling and enlightening experience. It makes you recognize the limitations of the human body; you realize that you are not exactly a super woman even though you are trying to be one," she admitted in the interview.

The actress remarked that the experience has made her realize to live a life according to God's purpose.



"I am now geared towards living a more purpose-driven life. Even if that was something I thought I was already set on, my experience made me even more determined to live out God’s purpose for me and to make every breath count. I’m glad it wasn’t my time yet," she stated.