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‘Fight fair’: Claudine Barretto blasts Raymart Santiago anew

Claudine Barretto’s lawyer previously revealed that Raymart Santiago does not provide the right amount of money they agreed on for their children. 

‘Fight fair’: Claudine Barretto blasts Raymart Santiago anew-PUSH TEAM


03/21/2021 03:03 PM
‘Fight fair’: Claudine Barretto blasts Raymart Santiago anew
Photo credit: @claubarretto and @raymartsantiago Instagram

Claudine Barretto took to social media to express her indignation over what appears to be a lack of child support from her former husband Raymart Santiago.

Sharing a post with a text about supporting children without the law needing to remind parents about their responsibilities, it read: “Real dads support their children without the law telling them they have to.”

She then directly addressed Raymart by telling him to fight fair and square, saying: “This is for you Raymart Santiago. Fight fair for once in your life!” 

Claudine’s posts came after she shared on social media how proud she is of her eldest child Sabina’s scholastic achievements. 


Many people believed Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago managed to settle things between them since it’s been more than seven years since they called off their marriage. But just recently, Claudine  filed a case against Raymart for allegedly neglecting child support for their two children Sabina and Santino.

Claudine  and Raymart shocked the local showbiz industry when they announced their wedding in 2004. And while the couple seemed happy with how their relationship was headed towards then, the couple announced they were parting ways nine years later.

What many thought the couple was facing a problem that would eventually go away, Raymart and Claudine eventually took their feud to the courts. Here’s a look at some of the most controversial moments between Raymart and Claudine since their separation.


In 2013, Claudine  filed a temporary restraining order against Raymart, saying she did so to protect herself and her children against abuses from the actor.

“He has committed a lot of those physical, verbal, psychological, even economic abuses. With this, she has reached the point of no return in her marriage with Mr. Santiago,” her attornry Ferdinand Topacio said.

At that time, Claudine said she has solid proof to support her claims. “Marami po, kasi there was an instance that the act was sufficient to cause injuries in various parts of the body. We have witnesses and other proof to show that these are not self-inflicted wounds,” Claudine stated.


Inday Barretto, Claudine’s mom, confirmed Raymart moved out of their house through an interview with Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo.

But at that time, the Barretto matriarch was still hopeful that the ex-couple would patch things up between them.

"Sana. But if God wills it to be permanent, huwag naman sana. But still, our life is not in our hands! "

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For almost a year, Claudine  made several claims against Raymart – among them being that she was a “battered wife.”

Claudine said she has received several threats from Raymart and that her belongings were stolen by her estranged husband.

“We did our investigation with the barangay office of Malanday where the house is located, and dun sa security group ng LGV (Loyola Grand Villas), and we found out that there is no such thing. No slugs were recovered,” Raymart’s lawyer Ruth Castelo said.

Claudine also claimed that her marriage with Raymart was “fake” but it was also debunked by Castelo.  

Ni hindi namin maintindihan kung papaano sasabihing fake, e kasi ‘di sana sila nagpapakahirap ngayon dun sa mga kaso, wala na tayong iisiping annulment ‘di ba, kung fake ‘yung marriage nila.” 

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In 2014, Raymart’s legal counsel – through an ABS-CBN News report – showed photos of Claudine wearing bandages during an outing with Raymart’s brothers Rowell and Randy to disprove the latter’s claims that she was a “battered wife.”

"Here is a truthful version of the recent Twitter post of a makeup tutorial to conceal bruises, perhaps even wounds and scars, with the allusion of the subject having been battered. The wounds and scars are definitely real, but how they were sustained is a different story altogether,” said Raymart’s legal counsel Atty. Ruth Castelo.

Castelo added: "Battered wife?!? Seriously...?!? …Amidst these happy faces…?!?! ...Who would believe such a lie?? …About one happy battered wife…???"

Claiming Claudine wore bandages due to a “surgical procedure,” Castelo, in the caption of one of the photos, wrote: "Before applying makeup, first make sure that the wounds from the post-surgical procedure have healed so the bandage, can be safely removed."

But Atty. Topacio was quick to respond to Castelo’s statements and said that they are telling the truth.

"We are not making this up. The scars have been there all along. In conclusion, no woman would deliberately make herself ugly. Who inflicted them? I leave it to you guys. To all those who say maliciously that the wounds are a fabrication, may you suffer what Claudine has suffered," he wrote in a tweet.


In an interview on Kris TV, Claudine explained why her relationship with Raymart didn’t work out. While she didn’t go into specifics, the Optimum Star said that she entered into a “rebound relationship” with Raymart.  

“I think rebound kasi, ‘wag na dun na tayo kasi masakit. ‘Wag na natin pag-usapan,” she said.

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In 2016, Claudine said she and Raymart decided to stop the annulment process because they have been trying to become “good parents” to their children.

Hindi pa kami nag-start sa annulment. Stop muna kami sa annulment. Kasi, ano po, kami ni Raymart ngayon, we’re really very good friends now,” Claudine shared.

She added: “We’re really trying our best talaga to be good parents kasi nga nag-fail na po kami as husband and wife, so we don’t want to fail naman as parents sa mga anak namin. Napag-usapan namin na i-stop na lahat-lahat ng mga kaso and mag-co-parenting na lang kami sa pagpapalaki ng mga anak namin.

“And now na meron kaming naayos na foundation, strong foundation ni Raymart na sobrang solid kami talaga when it comes to our kids, napag-usapan namin na... sabi ko kasi sa kanya na ‘ano, mag-a-annulment na ba tayo, may girlfriend ka na ba?’ Sabi niya, hindi na daw siya ikakasal. Sabi ko, ayoko na rin (magpakasal)," she continued. 

But Claudine’s legal counsel Ferdinand Topacio, in an article written by Jun Lalin of Abante last June 2020, said Claudine and Raymart weren’t friends.

“I don’t think they’re exactly friends. In fact, we’ll be suing Raymart,” the lawyer stated.


According to a PEP.ph report, Claudine Barretto filed a complaint against Raymart for “economic abuse” and alleged violation of the Violence Against Women and their Children Act or Republic Act 9262.

Raymart, who was supposed to provide 100,000 a month for their two children Sabina and Santino as agreed upon by him and Claudine, allegedly only gives 14,000 a month.

Hindi nagbibigay ng sustento si Raymart. Ang tagal na,” Topacio said as quoted by PEP. “Nagbibigay siguro, P14,000 a month, ganun. Tapos, wala na.”

Having filed a complaint before the Marikina City Prosecutor’s Office, Topacio confirmed that a hearing was scheduled to take place on December 10 last year