This is the advice of Charo Santos to people who are feeling stuck and scared

Read Charo Santos’ life tips.

This is the advice of Charo Santos to people who are feeling stuck and scared-PUSH TEAM


03/19/2021 04:00 PM
This is the advice of Charo Santos to people who are feeling stuck and scared
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"Go, just walk!"

These were the words of Charo Santos as she shared valuable advice to her followers about having the courage to press forward when faced with life's uncertainties.

In an Instagram post, Charo recalled the time when she was starting as a model and how taking that first step on the runway led her to where she is right now. 

"I often catch myself asking - 'kaya ko ba yan?' On my first ever modelling stint on TV, when I was about to walk, I couldn’t move my body. I got nervous. I got scared... I thought ‘Kaya ko ba to?’ Until one of the models told me, 'Go Charo, just walk,'" she shared.

According to Charo, that message resonates with her until now. 

"In times of uncertainties and doubts, I just tell myself, 'Go Charo... just walk!' And was it all a smooth walk? Of course not, but I learned these things," she said.

The ABS-CBN executive then enumerated the things she learned about overcoming doubts and challenges. 



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She posted: 

"1. It will never be a walk in the park all the time. But that’s what makes it exciting.

2. You might fall and sometimes its going to be a really hard fall, but as the saying goes, it's not how you fall but how you stand up. The harder the fall, the greater the lesson. And that’s what makes life worth living.

3. If you don’t take that first step... you won’t get to where you want to be. It always has to start somewhere.

4. Sometimes you have to walk with others. It’s never fun to walk alone.

5. Of course, you can honor the fear and the uncertainties but don’t stay too long on that route. Rest a bit and then walk again.

6. Always look around and enjoy the view. Learn to appreciate. Learn to be grateful. It will make the walk meaningful."



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Concluding her post, she remarked that she will not be where she is today if she did not take that first step.

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"Are you stuck and scared to move? Go, just walk! If I didn’t take that one step 50 years ago, I wouldn’t be here giving you these #CharosTips," she said.