WATCH: Mel Martinez raids his sister Maricel Soriano’s bag

Find out what’s inside Maricel Soriano’s bag.

WATCH: Mel Martinez raids his sister Maricel Soriano’s bag-PUSH TEAM


02/09/2021 09:24 AM
WATCH: Mel Martinez raids his sister Maricel Soriano’s bag
Screenshot from Mel Martinez Channel YouTube Channel

Actor Mel Martinez did a bag raid on Diamond Star Maricel Soriano in his latest vlog. 



Due to massive clamor from fans, Mel featured his sister on his YouTube channel where he did a bag raid with the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star. 

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With Maricel’s Balenciaga bag appearing completely organized, Mel revealed his older sister has always been that way growing up. 

“Ever since si Ate may system talaga siya. Ako growing up, talagang si Ate pagdating sa kagamitan, sobrang may system,” he said. 

Most of the items inside the Diamond Star’s bag were face mists and toiletries. Some of the hygiene products inside her bag were wet wipes and disinfectant sprays. 

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But according to Mel, his sister being a neat freak isn’t new. In fact, his sister has been hospitalized before for almost having no germs in her body at all. 

“Kasi dati nu’ng dalaga pa si Ate na-ospital siya dahil wala siyang germs sa katawan. Ngayon medics, alam niyo na. Kasi tingnan niyo naman kung gaano ka siya kalinis,” Mel said. 

“Walang mikrobyo sa katawan. Nakakaloka,” Maricel added. 

Watch the video below: 

Meanwhile, Mel — who filmed his vlog with Maricel at the Heritage Park — revealed that he took the opportunity to film it there because his sister is always busy with work. 

Thanking his sister for the time given to him, he said: “Ngayon lang kami nakapag-vlog dahil sobrang busy si Ate. Eh at the same time, dahil ngayon ay break, talagang grinab ko na ‘yung opportunity to be with her. Dahil talaga Ate tuwing nagva-vlog ako, ikaw ang hinahanap ng buo kong subscribers,” he said.