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Pinay based in Hawaii to compete in Mrs. World 2021

Meranie Gadiana Rahman will represent the country at the Mrs. World 2021 pageant in Sri Lanka.

Jeff Fernando

Twitter: @showbizjeff


02/08/2021 11:42 AM
Pinay based in Hawaii to compete in Mrs. World 2021
Photo Credit: @meraniegadianarahman Instagram

Meranie Gadiana Rahman is a Pinay Beauty Queen with a one of a kind advocacy: helping women with postpartum depression, which she herself experienced. Meranie is set to make this advocacy a national campaign of awareness in the Philippines. 

“Since I am a survivor of postpartum depression, I know how serious and lethal this kind of depression can be which has actually taken the lives of thousands and probably millions of women all over the world and lesser number of men as well. Coming out of postpartum depression has changed my life by giving me another life At the same time it has empowered me to save many lives that I have been able to touch and educate them that there is a hope, and there is a treatment. Look at me. I am a living example. I have done this a lot in the Philippines because I have a voice here as reigning Mrs. Philippines World. I wish I could have a voice all over the world and save many lives,” she explained.

Meranie now wears the crown as the current Mrs. Philippines World 2019-2020 and is ready to conquer pageantry once again as she represents the Philippines at the Mrs. World 2021 finals in Sri Lanka in June.

Provided there are no pandemic restrictions, it is all systems go for the international competition which has been reset several times, Rahman said.

Rahman said that she will promote Postpartum Depression awareness during the competition.

Born and raised in Cagayan de Oro City, Rahman has been staying in Hawaii for many years now. She is also a print model. Recently, Rahman was one of the awardees for Gawad America in North Hollywood for “Most influential Woman of the Year”.

Under the new normal, some pageants turned into virtual competition but our Pinay beauty queen wants to compete the traditional way but with extra caution.

“I will prefer face to face. I believe being a Beauty Queen comes with a great responsibility. You have to have pure heart, dedication, perseverance and kindness to motivate and inspire others. I believe that it is hard to choose the right candidate by virtual pageant alone.

“Secondly by competing on the stage gives you sense of pride and forces you to do your best.

“Thirdly you get to meet your beautiful pageant sisters in person and have an opportunity to develop long lasting friendships and future collaborations.

“Lastly due to COVID vaccination and continued observation of social distancing, hygiene and using masks things will get much better soon” she said.

Asked what the pandemic taught her, Rahman said: “By spending more time exercising with my son at home, we developed a very deep connection with each other and we felt very happy. This taught me how important it is to spend quality time and bond with your loved ones. Also, I had more time to promote my advocacy about depression and postpartum depression with my husband Dr. Inam Rahman MD through his TV show Health is Wealth and through other media. I believe this helped lots of people to fight depression especially related to the pandemic.”

Rahman said that her husband is the new National Director for Mrs. Philippines World who is also very passionate about postpartum depression awareness. He has named Postpartum Depression Awareness as national pageant’s official advocacy so that the contestants can spread the message to the Filipino community from all over the world and save millions of lives from unnecessary death.

Rahman said that pageants are still relevant during the pandemic because they inspire people to be positive, proactive, helpful and caring. 

“I always wanted to be a beauty Queen since I was a child. I used to dream about being a Queen. However, my desire became stronger when I was frequently bullied in my school days and I decided to stay strong and believe in myself. Now as a Beauty Queen I will like to tell our youth, especially those who are bullied, that every one of you is beautiful and intelligent and you can always fulfill your goals and dreams by working hard staying strong and dedicated.

“Beauty pageants are not only about beauty, they are about advocacy of values and causes and empowering others. We can make the beauty pageant relevant by making sure all the attendants including pageant contestants observe social distance and wear masks in the back stage and carry the mask on stage to show its importance to the world. All the judges should be wearing masks and should be at least 6 to 10 feet away from the stage. The virtual pageant is another option. Of course, my best hope is that either definite antiviral treatment or a safe vaccine will be available to everyone,” Rahman revealed

Her pageant preparations are now in full swing and along the way, she has discovered her strength and weakness.

“My strongest point is that I always believe in myself and only compete against myself. My weak point is that I easily believe in people and sometimes I get taken advantage of but then things turn around many times and I end up getting rewarded for what I did anyway.

“Honestly all the previous Mrs. Worlds have inspired me due to their amazingly hard work, dedication, and their presence on stage. My biggest supporter is my husband Dr. Inam Rahman MD who beside being love of my life, is my pageant coach, my manager and my partner through all the ups and downs.

“My husband is a very successful medical doctor. His kindness, humbleness and his relentless dedication to his profession and patients has always inspired me to do my very best.

“I also want to mention that Elaine Marmel and late Mr. David Marmel, founders of our pageant Mrs. World and Mrs. America will always have my respect and admiration for their greatness and the kindness they bestowed upon me. One can imagine how much effort, hard work, dedication and perseverance it took to create and maintain World’s greatest pageant Mrs. World” she added. 

Meranie Gadiana Rahman is the current Mrs. Philippines World 2020 who will compete for Mrs. World 2021.