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Richard Juan shares five lessons he learned as a start-up entrepreneur

‘PBB: Connect’ host Richard Juan talks about his journey as an entrepreneur. 

Richard Juan shares five lessons he learned as a start-up entrepreneur-PUSH TEAM


02/06/2021 01:51 PM
Richard Juan shares five lessons he learned as a start-up entrepreneur
Photo credit: @richardjuan Instagram

Pinoy Big Brother: Connect host Richard Juan showcased his entrepreneurial side during a judging session with the housemates who did an infomercial task in one of the latest episodes of the show. 

“It was a lot of fun to actually see and interact with them virtually, especially after two months of following their story in the house. I wasn’t sure which Richard I should be, the strict or the lenient one and I ended up being in between,” he shared about his experience interacting with the housemates.

Richard remarked that most of the housemates have the entrepreneurial spirit. “I shared my two cents on how they could improve because they had to do an online selling for their weekly task but it seems like most of them were naturals na din! I gave them some pointers on how they could step it a notch higher pa!” he said.

According to Richard, the things that he taught the housemates were based on the lessons he accumulated over time as an entrepreneur himself.  Aside from being a television personality, Richard is the founder and CEO of a start-up video production and digital media company called 28 Squared Studios. 

When asked why he decided to venture into entrepreneurship, he relayed, “After graduating from UP,  I went straight into the entertainment industry and started to learn a lot about it, including the business aspect of things. The digital landscape has also grown so much in the last five years and I was blessed enough na sumabay din ako diyan so I got to experience first hand how it evolved.”

He continued, “I was also blessed to have done many projects internationally, including giving talks and speeches at several conferences, where I was able to expand my network. So it all really started when I finally saw all the dots and realized it’s time to connect them all and hence that’s how the business started. “

Richard gained numerous lessons in his entrepreneurial journey. He shared the five lessons he learned as a start-up entrepreneur:

1. Be prepared to give up some of the things you love for your business to grow. This may include spending time with your friends and carefree weekends, among others.

2. It’s vital to have the right business partners, ideally the ones that complement you well. The ones that are strong in things you’re weak at, and you’re strong in things they’re weak at.

3. Self-discipline is key. There are only 24 hours in a day and that’s not enough. You got to be disciplined enough to stay as productive as possible especially in a world full of distractions. You got to find your own ways to avoid distractions. 

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4. Be prepared for rejections. You can’t let rejections bother you. There will be a lot of pitches and a lot of rejections, that’s part of business. Sometimes you’re rejected not because you are not good, but it’s because you’re not what they’re looking for.

5. Be agile and flexible. As mentioned earlier, you can come up with a perfect plan, but when you execute it, there are so many variables that can completely derail it. Be agile enough to adapt to the changes.