WATCH: Nikki Gil gives a glimpse of her spacious home office

Nikki Gil had her home office organized by Neat Obsessions.



02/04/2021 08:44 AM
WATCH: Nikki Gil gives a glimpse of her spacious home office
Screenshot from Neat Obsessions YouTube Channel

Actress-singer Nikki Gil gave a glimpse of one of the spaces she considers her refuge inside her house — her home office.

The 33-year-old actress — who is currently taking up Interior Design for her post-graduate studies — opened the doors to where she usually makes her works of art. 

Neat Obsessions’ Jovi Figueroa shared how Nikki learned how to let go of stuff that longer serves her purpose.

She wrote: “In this video, we share with you how we sorted her books and art materials and rehomed them by creating a reading nook and an art caddy!”



“We also had fun taking a trip down Nikki’s memory lane through her dearest things she kept from her childhood! Nikki knows what she needs to keep in her office, as she also detached from things that no longer serve their purpose,” she added. 

Sharing why she decided to finally have her home office organized with the help of professional, Nikki shared: “I was just telling my mom that it’s the first time I’ve felt the holiday burnout. I was really feeling very overwhelmed and tired because it’s just kalat from like wrapping gifts, stuff that my son received, the boxes and all of these things.”

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She added: “They were all just on my desk. And parang I didn’t know where to start, parang itatabi ko na lang siya. Parang just to make enough room. Parang everything tambak na lang dito. And with the mindset na I’ll get to it, I’ll sort it out when I have the time. And I realized I don’t have the energy anymore so I’m like I need to call a professional.” 



According to Nikki, her being sentimental was validated upon seeing most of her old stuff kept intact. 

“My key takeaway would be you don’t really have to get rid of everything sentimental, you know? It’s a nice notion to live the minimalist, but it’s just not for everyone, you know? Like it’s not for me. I like to hold on to sentimental stuff. I’m not a hoarder, but there are just some things that I like to keep. 

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“So parang I like na I’m not made to feel guilty for holding on to these things. In fact, I feel validated pa nga when you worked with it, you put them on display. So it feels like my sentiments are also valued, are also respected as opposed to being told to get rid of this, tapon mo na ‘yun,” she added. 

Watch the video below: 

Nikki Gil married her husband BJ Albert in 2015. She gave birth to her child in 2017.