Erich Gonzales on investing hard-earned money on lots: ‘Best talaga na investment’

Erich Gonzales prefers investing in pieces of land.



02/25/2021 09:14 AM
Erich Gonzales on investing hard-earned money on lots: ‘Best talaga na investment’
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Erich Gonzales shared why she prefers investing in pieces of land as she went on a search to find the perfect spot to build her future sanctuary. 



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In her latest vlog, the La Vida Lena star went on what she called “lot tripping” where she spent a whole day looking for a spacious property as her next investment. 

The 30-year-old actress said she plans to build a place that would serve as her resthouse in the future, saying she thinks it’s the perfect investment. 

“Pwedeng vacation house or resthouse. Or pwedeng du’n na din tayo tumira. But one thing is for sure, investment talaga siya. Kumbaga, land banking ba,” Erich said. 

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According to Erich, she considers investing in lots as the “best” investment. 

“You can never go wrong sa pag-invest ng inyong hard-earned money sa mga lote or lupa. Kasi nag-aappreciate ‘yan talaga siya. Hindi siya nag-dedepreciate. So ‘yun. Best talaga na investment mga lupa or lote,” Erich stated. 

Watch the video below: 

Back in August 2020, Erich gave a tour of the house she worked hard for years. 

“Nabili ko ‘yung lote when I was 22 years old. And then nag-ipon tayo. And then nu’ng 2014, nag-start na ‘yung construction ng bahay natin. And then same year also, nakalipat na tayo dito. And long story short, six years old na ang bahay natin, she said. 

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Sharing why she decided to build her house at the land where it currently stands, Erich said: “I really fell in love with the view. Kung nakita niyo ‘yung view kanina du’n sa lanai area, I have the same view sa room ko. Imagine lang waking up to that everyday. Parang nice lang.”



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She went on: “I feel like I’m super close to nature kasi maririnig niyo ‘yung mga chirping ng birds. And then dito, makakita din kayo ng iba’t-ibang uri ng butterflies and caterpillars.”