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  • As we celebrate the Year of the Ox today, PUSH takes a look at the compatibility of your favorite stars based on their Chinese zodiac signs.

Celebrity Love Match: Compatible or not?

As we celebrate the Year of the Ox today, PUSH takes a look at the compatibility of your favorite stars based on their Chinese zodiac signs.

Celebrity Love Match: Compatible or not?-PUSH TEAM


02/12/2021 02:37 PM
Celebrity Love Match: Compatible or not?
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As we celebrate the Year of the Ox today, PUSH takes a look at the compatibility of your favorite stars based on their Chinese zodiac signs.

Kathryn Bernardo, (Year of the Rat), Daniel Padilla (Year of the Pig)


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Rats can have a rewarding relationship with a Pig mate. The Pig is easy to get along with, although they do have their stubborn moments, too.

Bea Alonzo (Year of the Rabbit), Dominic Roque (Year of the Horse)

The Horse needs breathing room. They can't be fenced in, so it is hard to feel really at peace at home. Passion runs at a different pace. 

Pia Wurtzbach (Year of the Snake), Jeremy Jauncey (Year of Rat)

A recommended match. The Snake and the Rat form a union between two people who are exactly what they seem to be. Both are hard workers with high ambitions, they also score high on the financial and professional scale.

Nadine Lustre (Year of the Rooster), James Reid (Year of the Rooster)


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Roosters are perfectionists and this is not a good match. Neither can admit they are wrong in a disagreement. However, they are a match made in heaven when it comes to financial resourcefulness. 

Liza Soberano (Year of the Tiger), Enrique Gil (Year of the Monkey)


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An exciting intellectual match. Both the Tiger and Monkey are positive thinkers. However, they need to have a lot of patience when it comes to the necessary high maintenance their relationship requires. Financially, Tigers and Monkeys make beautiful profit together.

Maine Mendoza (Year of the Pig), Arjo Atayde (Year of the Horse)


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The Pig and the Horse enjoy a rewarding relationship when they both relax. They have equal drives when it comes to passion and sensuality. Creates a productive partnership, but they can lose the potential for financial security if risk-taking gets out of control.

Catriona Gray (Year of the Dog), Sam Milby (Year of the Rat)

The Dog and the Rat are on the same wavelength; their relationship both explosive and fulfilling. An impulsive couple, their major difficulty occurs in the financial sector, unless they develop a plan and stick to it. 

Kim Chiu (Year of the Horse), Xian Lim (Year of the Snake)


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The pairing isn’t high on the love chart. There is attraction, but Horses will realize they won’t have the same choices. The Snake may be too critical and the Horse, when hit in the ego, may be too sensitive. Both aggressive, Horse and Snake have high marks in financial success though.

Jessy Mendiola (Year of the Monkey), Luis Manzano (Year of the Rooster)

Not the most recommended match. The Monkey has little patience when the Rooster needs to examine issues down to the most finite detail. Their disagreements can be brutally frank. However, they get along well when it comes to their ambition and finances.

Julia Barretto (Year of the Ox), Gerald Anderson (Year of the Snake)

Considered a compatible union. The Ox, however, must be very self-confident and emotionally ready for an intense relationship or they will get caught up in the Snake's desires. Snakes also stimulate repressed Oxen’s passion and sensuality. They cherish domestic comfort and create a classic and elegant home together.

Maymay Entrata (Year of the Ox), Edward Barber (Year of the Dragon)

The union of an Ox and Dragon can be a successful one. They combine earning power and material assets quite well. However, Dragons require affection and attention that hard-working Oxen have trouble finding time for. 

Kylie Verzosa (Year of the Monkey), Jake Cuenca (Year of the Rabbit)

The Monkey and the Rabbit are willing to bend over backward to please each other. Rabbits respond warmly to Monkeys' romantic advances and fulfills their desires in return. Rabbits also inspire their mate to accomplish more than they ever thought possible, and, together, they can achieve financial success.

Barbie Imperial (Year of the Tiger), Diego Loyzaga (Year of the Pig)


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Their relationship can work with mutual effort, along with respect for each other's individuality. Tigers are passionately tender with their mate. Temperamentally, their logical approach doesn't work when they disagree and their Pig mate gets emotional. Tigers and Pigs also find it hard to get their finances in order.

Loisa Andalio (Year of the Rabbit), Ronnie Alonte (Year of the Rat)

Not an easy match, but it can be rewarding, depending on the Rabbit's level of self-esteem, and the extent of their Rat mate's patience. Financially, Rabbits and Rats are a successful couple.

(All predictions based from horoscope.com Chinese Compatibility app)