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  • Inigo Pascual shared pictures of his new ink on Instagram on Monday, December 6.

LOOK: Inigo Pascual's new tattoo

Inigo Pascual shared pictures of his new ink on Instagram on Monday, December 6.

Leah Bueno

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12/07/2021 09:16 AM
LOOK: Inigo Pascual's new tattoo
Photo credits to @inigopascual on Instagram

Inigo Pascual has a new tattoo. The Kapamilya actor-singer, who is currently in Los Angeles for his first Hollywood project, shared pictures of his new ink on Instagram on Monday, December 6.

"I might or might not have gotten a new tat," he wrote in the caption, along with a pair of eyes emoji.

Inigo's new tattoo, which he got inked on his left rib cage, is the word "Malaya" written in Baybayin. It was done by Shannen Kay, an artist based in East Hollywood, who shared a closer look at the actor's tat on her Instagram page.


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Inigo, 24, is set to appear in Fox Entertainment's upcoming musical drama Monarch, starring Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel.

As reported by Deadline, the actor will play the role of Nicky's (Anna) adopted son who dreams of becoming a country star just like his grandfather Albie (Trade Adkins).

Monarch is described as a "Texas-sized, multigenerational musical drama" about America's first family of country music—the Romans. Helmed by former Designated Survivor showrunner Jon Feldman, the show will feature original songs and covers and is scheduled to air in early 2022.

In an interview with TFC News Hollywood, Inigo admitted that he was initially hesitant to audition for his role as he didn't think that he would even be considered.

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"I honestly didn't think that I was going to get it so I wasn't planning on auditioning, I was like, there are other actors in America that could probably land the part. But my agent, Chris Lee in the States—he's been sending me a lot of auditions but I actually never do it because of that mentality of mine that I don't think I’m going to land the part here. I always had that in the back of my head. Plus I was doing a lot of music stuff in the Philippines at that time so I didn't want to kind of mix things up for myself. I didn't want to ruin the momentum that I've already made," he said. 

Monarch also stars Albie Roman and Beth Ditto. The show is set to release its first episode on Fox with a two-night event starting January 30 in the US.