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Kylie Verzosa hits back at her critics: ‘Meron pa akong puwede mapakita’

‘My Husband, My Lover’ actress Kylie Verzosa says she is proud of her choices when it comes to portraying different roles onscreen.

Kylie Verzosa hits back at her critics: ‘Meron pa akong puwede mapakita’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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12/02/2021 04:22 PM
Kylie Verzosa hits back at her critics: ‘Meron pa akong puwede mapakita’
Photo credit to @kylieverzosa Instagram

After her stint as Miss International in 2016, Kylie Verzosa has enjoyed her foray into showbiz as an actor who has been able to tackle a variety of roles, especially this year where she headlined Vivamax films like The Maid and My Husband, My Lover. In her latest role, Kylie plays a married woman named Alice who is torn between two men played by Marco Gumabao and Adrian Alandy.

“Yung character ko kasi tahimik lang siya eh. Mas internal yung process niya. Mas ma-dialogue and mas matatapang yung dialogue ni Cindy (Miranda) dahil yun yung character niya. So sa character ni Alice mas quiet siya, mas introverted siya. Parang nasa ulo niya lang pino-process lahat. That’s what makes the film exciting,” she said.

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To a certain extent, Kylie says she can relate to her character, but not when it comes to having overlapping relationships.

“Siguro yung nahirapan siya sa choice niya. Hindi sa nangaliwa ako pero kapag may dalawa kang gusto na lalake, nahirapan ka-mag-decide so medyo wini-weigh out mo yung options, to a very, very slight level lang naman. Pero yung liking stage pa lang. So I guess yun yung nahirapan siya to decide kung sino ba talaga yung what’s best for her. Pero in real life never ko na-experience yung na-experience ng character ko. Kapag mga date, yung hindi pa naman kayo, ganyan, friends lang,” she admitted.

With her growing popularity also comes her fair share of detractors. Kylie said she does not let herself get affected by what she reads online.

“Ang masasabi ko lang sa kanila, thank you so much for your support for me and sana suportahan din niyo ako in this new venture of mine. I’m an actress and mas meron pa akong puwede mapakita sa inyo as an actress. Thank you and I hope you guys support me still,” she added.

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During a press event for My Husband, My Lover, Kylie shared her opinion regarding her stance on the possibility of the MTRCB regulating streaming platforms in the future.

“I think the beauty of streaming is that hindi pa siya masyadong regulated and that’s why the content, the story, the direction is also more siguro more provocative in a way pero it’s good. We’re able to tackle political issues, social issues, mas matapang yung content. Mas brave yung content. I’m not really for it pero I mean if it’s the mandate of the government then who are we to oppose?” she shared.  

If the time comes when streaming apps like Vivamax gets regulated, Kylie said it would not really affect the state of her career.

“I don’t think so. The beauty of Viva is that they also give us so many options and we’re also free to choose what our career path would be so this kind of movie is only one of the many na gagawin pa namin ni Cindy and one of the many genres that are available to us. So I don’t think it will hinder the career path. Pero yun yung nagawa ng pandemic, streaming was boosted so much and it gave so many more opportunities to other people, to other artists. So nakita dun yung ng mga big producers and took advantage of the streaming platform. So by next year may sinehan na tayo, may streaming pa tayo. Isn’t that so much better na may more opportunities for people to work and more avenues for jobs for people?” she explained. 

Known for her mental health advocacy during her pageant days, Kylie said she is happy at how progressive people have started to become when it comes to prioritizing the issue as compared to before.

“Nung mga 2015, 2016 hindi pa siya napapag-usapan. Pero ngayon especially since the pandemic hit and we’ve all been in isolation, our mental health needs to be taken care of now especially in young adults. Anxiety, depression, social disorder because of the lack of connection that we have from other people. Ngayon Zoom na lang. We weren’t able to see our friends and family so that lack of social interaction kulang din. And siyempre the pandemic made us stay at home so just being in this small bubble made us feel very unstable.

“So it’s still very important to take care of our mental health. Put yourself first, remind yourself to set boundaries. But I’m so glad na mas napapag-usapan na siya ngayon and mas open especially the younger generations on speaking up and mas strong sila ngayon on speaking up about their mental health. Sana mas ma-push pa natin and sana mas ma-put out there na we need to take care of our mental health,” she says. 

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