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Miss Universe PH Beatrice Gomez, nawala ang suitcase sa Jerusalem

Hindi pa rin naibabalik ang isa sa mga suitcase ni Beatrice Gomez.

Pao Apostol


12/01/2021 03:05 PM
Miss Universe PH Beatrice Gomez, nawala ang suitcase sa Jerusalem
Photo credits to @beatriceluigigmz Instagram

Ibinahagi ni Voltaire Tayag na nagsisilbi bilang director of communications ng Miss Universe Philippines ang balita na nawawala ang isang suitcase ni Miss Universe Philippines Beatrice Gomez.

Ibinunyag ni Voltaire ang nangyari matapos makatanggap ng iba’t-ibang mga negatibong komento mula sa mga pageant fans kasama ang representante ng Thailand na si Anchilee Scott-Kemmis.

Dito makikitang nakasuot lamang ng itim tracksuit si Beatrice — dahilan para ikumpara ito kay Miss Thailand. Paliwanag ni Voltaine, hindi umano planado ang suot ni Beatrice at aniya’y resulta ng hindi inaasaahang pangyayari: nawala ang suitcase ni Beatrice.

"When she collected them at the Ben Gurion airport, all were accounted for. But when she got to Jerusalem, one suitcase was missing and not taken to her room. It has been reported but still has not been found. So, we were deciding what to do while waiting for that luggage to be found,” ani Voltaire.

Dagdag pa niya: “She had full hair and make-up on as she was trying a couple of outfits should the luggage not be found in time for some activities. In the middle of our chat, we found out that she tested negative and could leave the room.

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“So we told her to immediately go down and check the hotel luggage room.

We told her to just wear the track suit and the sash (which is required) since there was no official activity and she’s only checking her luggage,” pagpapatuloy pa ni Voltaire. Hindi rin umano planado ang picture nina Beatrice at Miss Thailand na magkasama.

“It so happened that Anchilee was there and she was asked to take a photo with her. So, that track suit was not an OOTD,” ani Voltaire.

Nakiusap naman si Voltaire na huwag basta-bastang magtapon ng masasakit na salita lalo na kung wala namang alam sa buong pangyayari.

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“I hope that before anyone jumps to conclusions, blames people, throw out negativity, know that there is usually a plausible explanation. Whether or not that is given, it does not give anyone the right to be toxic or accusatory.

And up to now, one of Bea’s suitcases has not been returned to her,” aniya. Tingnan ang post sa ibaba:

Nasa Israel ngayon si Beatrice para itaas ang bandera ng Pilipinas sa inaabangang Miss Universe pageant.