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KC Concepcion unfollows 2,000 people on Instagram: ‘They really shouldn’t take it personally’

Vlogger and entrepreneur KC Concepcion reveals why she is detoxing her life every week while living in the US.

KC Concepcion unfollows 2,000 people on Instagram: ‘They really shouldn’t take it personally’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/05/2021 10:49 AM
KC Concepcion unfollows 2,000 people on Instagram: ‘They really shouldn’t take it personally’
Photo credit to @kristinaconcepcion Instagram

After moving into her new one-bedroom condo in Los Angeles, California last September, KC Concepcion shared what she has been up to after furnishing her new home.

In her latest vlog titled “Laundry, Teami Detox + GOT VAXXED!” uploaded last November 3, the 36-year-old celebrity started the video with her first vaccination shot while abroad. She was accompanied by her two close friends who were also Pinoys.

“This is it. I’m finally getting my American vaccine. We’ve planned to have a little booster party. Lord, please let this be a successful inoculation! Amen. Now I’m going to rest and yeah, thank you Lord!” she said.

Their group celebrated getting their shots with a Indian dinner in her condo afterwards. 

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In the vlog, KC said she has been on a 30-day detox and decided to also share tips on how her followers can detox their life not just physically and mentally, but materially as well.

“I’ve been looking online for articles that would teach me or help me think of ways to detox, not just my body but my whole life. Gusto mo yun? Akala ko ang idi-detox yung katawan, buong buhay ko pala yung idi-detox ko. Well I think that’s a very, very important thing to do every week because laging may mga negative things na dumadating sa buhay natin every week na hindi natin ma-control ‘di ba?

“So there are a lot of people that might affect us in a negative way, may mga taong makakasalamuha natin sa mga lugar na medyo negative yung energy or may hindi nagkakaintindihan minsan and sometimes may mga moments na hindi na nga nakakayaman, hindi pa nakakaganda. Kaya sabi sa akin talagang advice dati, gawin mo lang ang isang bagay kung nakakaganda yan sa ‘yo at nakakayaman yan sa ‘yo. Okay so I will just focus on the things that will help me grow and be a better person. And for the things that don’t make me a better person, idi-detox na natin yan. So here are five ways that I like to detox my life every week,” she explained. 

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Watch the vlog here:

Here are KC’s top five ways to detox your life.

1. Detox your sexy body.

“Di ba sabi nila if you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside. For me, I still also believe that when you feel good on the outside, you can also start feeling good and taking care  of your yourself on the inside. It goes both ways.

“For me when I detox, I don’t just detox my tummy, I also detox my mind. All the negative thoughts and negative experiences from the day tinatanggal ko, dini-detox ko. And I also like to detox my surroundings. One of the best things to do and one of the most important things to do to detox every week is to cleanse your body. So if it means eating healthier or eating more salad, eating more greens, and of course using things like my detox tea. This is one of the best ways to detox your body is to drink hot water, hot tea. So don’t forget to take care of your body, detox your body.

“Especially now I just got my vaccine tonight, I know it’s still chemicals at the end of the day and I will do my very best to be more active and have a more active lifestyle. I take the stairs a lot these days. I only live in a mid-rise so it’s something that I like to do. Of course if you can go ahead and just take some walks or eat healthier, drink a lot of hot water with lemon or something.”

2. Detox your closet.

“I love to detox my closet. So yung wardrobe ko, I will always check every week kung meron ba akong mga gamit or damit or anything sa closet ko na hindi ko na ginagamit or paulit ulit kon ng ginagamit and it’s time to refresh my closet and my wardrobe. So that’s one of things I do is KC’s Closet. That’s one way of refreshing and detoxing my closet. If meron akong damit na hindi na gagamitin because nag-change na yung season and most likely hindi ko na siya gagamitin the year after, ayan na binebenta ko na siya sa KC’s Closet.

“One of the ways I like to detox the closet is to do the laundry. I always want my wardrobe to smell good and to feel clean and to be clean. So I personally do my laundry here. I spend about two and a half hours doing my laundry and making sure everything is clean and smells nice and I won’t have to worry about my clothes for the week ahead. So that’s one way I can encourage you to detox your closet is to look through your closet every weekend and see what you are not using or will not be using in the coming months and give a chance to others.”

3. Declutter your gadgets.

“I detox my social media, my phone, and also my photos. Yung mga memory sa mga laptop, or sa mga devices, or sa phone. That’s a big, big lesson that I learned. I have been unfollowing a couple of people on Instagram. Actually not a couple! I’ve unfollowed about 2,000 accounts on Instagram, actually not a couple, but a couple of thousand of people on Instagram (laughs). Because I realized that I don’t really follow them truly.

“I want to make space for the people and accounts that I actually do follow, that I actually really like to learn from. And they really shouldn’t take it personally. It’s just something I feel, I mean if I haven’t talked to you in like years. But really the priority is to delete old photos or sometimes there’s like duplicates na hindi natin na no-notice or documents that we don’t actually need anymore. So I like to declutter just my phone and my laptop. Mag-delete ng mag-delete ng mag-delete. Anyway weekly naman natin gagawin ito so kung hindi pa kayo ready, baka next week ready na (laughs).

4. Detox your space.

“So not just memory space or digital space, actually detox your room, your house, your condo, your living room, your car. Kung ano man ang personal space na yan, i-detox niyo. So declutter and organize your home. I’m learning that. I’m continuing to practice it and kasabay yan ng pagtapon ng hindi kailangan.”

5. Declutter your toiletries, your makeup kits, yung mga little things.

“Ito naman declutter your abubots or the little things. So for me that means apart from my fridge, throwing away yung na-expired na every week and yung hindi ko na kakainin, hindi ko na iinumin, yung mga garapon na naka-open na matagal ko ng hindi nagamit, tapon niyo na yan or pamigay niyo.

“But more than that, makeup kits, your makeup that you haven’t used in three months or that you’ve had for six months, uy baka kaya kumakati na or gumagaspang an yung balat ninyo because baka expired na yang makeup ninyo. So detox your makeup kits, your cabinets, your toiletry cases, your fridge. Detox the big things and the little things.”

The vlogger and entrepreneur also showed how she burns sage inside her living space as it is believed to cleanse the space and promotes healing. Before ending her almost 16-minute vlog, she said, “I hope this vlog gave you ideas kung paano mag-detox lalo na kung merong madaming challenges for the day.”