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  • Scarlett Kramer, the second child of celebrity parents Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer, has turned 10.

LOOK: Scarlett Kramer turns 10

Scarlett Kramer, the second child of celebrity parents Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer, has turned 10.

Leah Bueno

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11/29/2021 09:27 AM
LOOK: Scarlett Kramer turns 10
Photo credit to @dougkramer Instagram

Scarlett Kramer, the second child of celebrity parents Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer, has turned 10. 

The couple marked their daughter's birthday with a simple celebration at home, as seen in photos and clips they shared on Instagram Sunday, November 28.

"Scarlett's bday home setup. She's been so excited for this for many months! Just glad cases have gone down so we would be able to invite loved ones over to celebrate with her," said Doug.

"To our fierce, beautiful and charming baby girl, happy 10th birthday Scarlett! Forever our baby doll!"


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The former PBA star also posted a video clip showing a montage of Scarlett's photos, as he shared his touching birthday message for his daughter. 

"1-10 in a blink of an eye!" he said. "Scarlett, I hope today will be a little reminder of how much your whole family loves you! We're so blessed to have witnessed your growth year by year.

"There's so much in store for you, and I truly believe God has special plans for you, because you constantly show how much you love Him. I love you, Scarlett!"


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For her part, Chesca said there's nothing that makes her and Doug happier than seeing their "Scarlett Doll" enjoying her birthday.

She also listed 10 reasons why her love for her daughter "goes over and around."

"Here is 1... Sweet faced with a darling little voice. But don't be fooled there's a lion’s heart inside of you. Tough and ready to roar.

Number 2 is your irresistible charm that's got me right at the palm of your hand. Everything that you do makes mommy so crazy in love with you.

Number 3, I love how caring and thoughtful you are. You always put others first before yourself. And, when someone is sick you willingly take care and never forget to check on that person.

Number 4, you're protective of your family, and loyal to the very core of your being.

Number 5, you're motherly. Loving, helpful, supportive, and also authoritative.

Number 6, you're an old soul who loves writing poems about Jesus and his love, family, and nature.

Number 7, I love how you're not easily swayed. You're principled and hold your convictions firmly.

Number 8, I love how you love us and it's seen on the everyday service you show us. Be it baking for us, asking if we need anything, helping mommy organize and so much more.

Number 9, you're a fighter! You never give up and you always challenge yourself to be better.

Number 10, I love how you're growing in your walk with God. Your understanding of Him that is seen through your own Psalms book you wrote. I don't know where your words and thoughts come from but you teach me so much," wrote Chesca.

"I hope you know how much we all love you. You're one of a kind my Doll. You're special! I love you more than what love means! You're my perfect 10!!! Happy Birthday Scarlett Louvelle!!! You're my squishy, softy, mochie cheeks!" she added.


Aside from Scarlett, Chesca and Doug have two other children: Kendra, who turned 12 just last June, and Gavin, who is now 8 years old.

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The pair has been together for a total of 18 years, 13 of which as husband and wife. They celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary last October.