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Jennica Garcia reveals how she got over her insecurities: ‘Hindi na ako mukhang artista’

Actress Jennica Garcia shares how she went through a physical and spiritual transformation this year.

Jennica Garcia reveals how she got over her insecurities: ‘Hindi na ako mukhang artista’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/26/2021 09:46 AM
Jennica Garcia reveals how she got over her insecurities: ‘Hindi na ako mukhang artista’
Photo credit to @jennicagarciaph Instagram

Just a few months after Jennica Garcia and her husband Alwyn Uytingco announced their separation, the actress and celebrity mom had to deal with rumors surrounding her supposedly extreme weight loss. But the 31-year-old actress was quick to debunk any speculations after a visit to the doctor for a checkup where all her results came out normal and she was declared not underweight. 

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Last November 24, Jennica made an Instagram post sharing her physical and spiritual journey this year. Jennica first shared how she was able to have better skin after a lot of moments of insecurity. 

She wrote, “If my memory serves me right, this particular scene in Las Hermanas (3rd Photo) was shot on the month of May. We wrapped up the entire teleserye come July.

“Now, it’s the month of November of the same year. I can still recall my first day at work. I would hide in a cubicle. A portable toilet for everyone to use. I would put make up on my arms (I had uneven skintone. My upper arm, from elbow up is lighter because I always wear Large T-shirts) and look in the mirror. I was battling my emotions. I didn't want my tears to fall. It was an everyday battle. I have to be professional.

“I felt pain in my heart.

I wanted to hide my face.

I wanted to cover up every inch of my body.

In my mind...

‘Hindi na ako mukhang artista’.

Nahihiya akong humarap sa mga katrabaho ko. Ang kikinis ng mga kasama ko, nahihiya ako sa kanila.

I told myself that once I get my first pay check. I will ask my children what they want and buy it for them. I will save some for rent and bills THEN I'll go to Watsons to buy skincare. Basta nakalagay sa lotion INTENSIVE, nakalagay sa body scrub result in 7 days ganyan binili ko. Ang bilis ko ma-marketing, opo. (hehe)”

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Aside from taking better care of herself physically, Jennica also revealed that she prioritized her mental health as well. In an interview earlier this year while talking about her marriage troubles, she admitted that “As much as I’d like to say that I don’t really care what other people say, I think, in my entire life ito yung moment sa buhay ko na I’m not really at my best mental state.”

In the same post, she shared, 

“On top of taking care of my skin.

I seeked help from a Doctor.

I had sessions with Doc @TitoAlmadin for my Mental Health.

I made sure to do my Daily Devotions through the Plans of YouVersion Holy Bible App (free to download on App Store).

“Come September, when my friends, cousins and siblings would see me in person. They would always say ‘Grabe yung glow up!’ Tumatawa lang ako, hindi ako naniniwala. Naisip ko, dahil alam nila ang storya ng buhay ko, kaya sinasabi nila yun. Tinutulungan nila ako na bumalik ang kumpyansa ko sa sarili ko. Pero sa isip ko, hindi sila nagsasabi ng totoo, mahal lang nila ako.

“Hanggang sa nakita ko ang photo na ito (third photo).

Malaki na nga ang pinagbago. Nagbunga yung paghilod hilod ko sa shower, hehe! Humaba na rin ang buhok ko at hindi na rin po ako madaling maiyak.”

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Before ending her post, Jennica made sure to give thanks to those who have given her support throughout this difficult time in her life. “To those leaving comments for me to read, especially to those who are saying that you are praying for me, my children, my family. Know that even if I do not know you personally, you have helped me to be where I am today. Through you prayers and encouraging messages. I learned that so much beauty comes out when women empower women instead of dragging them down out of envy and their own insecurities. Women NEED women and ALL of us are given the opportunity to experience Ultimate Protection that only comes from Jesus Christ. This is available to everyone who believes and chooses to walk the path Jesus has walked,” she wrote.

Jennica also recommended the book Beyond Good Advice: Your Guide to Bible-based Counseling to her followers going through the same internal struggles.

“I recommend that you buy and read. It has helped me in many, many ways. Wag mahihiyang lumapit sa Doctor para po sa inyong Mental Health. We want and need to be healthy for ourselves and the people we love. A once a month consultation can make a big difference to regain your footing.

“You are Loved. Maraming salamat po sainyo,” she added.