Ben&Ben learns how to do the hair flip from Pia Wurtzbach

Ben&Ben learns how to do the hair flip from Pia Wurtzbach-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


11/29/2021 09:25 AM
Ben&Ben learns how to do the hair flip from Pia Wurtzbach

It was early this year that Ben&Ben’s fans played around with the idea that their idols be Cream Silk endorsers. It was a fun daydream, since up until now, only women were chosen as ambassadors for the premium brand. Memes quickly circulated online and went viral, with even the band members joining in the fun.

To everyone’s surprise, Cream Silk actually listened and jumped on the possibility! They reached out to collaborate with the band, putting a twist on their hit song, “Araw-Araw”. Now, thanks to the wild imagination of netizens, Ben&Ben frontmen Paolo and Miguel Benjamin’s long locks now grace Cream Silk’s bottles.

Since this ‘what if’ turned to reality, the band has embraced their new fam and are going all out in being the brand’s face. They recently made the rounds on Instagram with their take on Cream Silk’s iconic move: the hair flip.

“Ganda ba ng hair namin? Kasi nag #CreamSilkArawAraw kami,” they posted. “Sino ang may pinakamalupit na hair flip sa band? Comment below!”

Yay or nay? Fans weighed in on their hair flip, including none other than Queen P herself.

Beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach is a self-confessed fan of Ben&Ben, and decided it was more fun to call the band in for a video chat about their hair flip attempts.

“Medyo surreal ‘yung hair flip,” said the twins told her, “kasi never namin in-expect na magiging part kami ng Cream Silk family. Pero we’re really happy to be here.”

Pia proudly off her own limited edition Araw-Araw Cream Silk box, while Paolo shared that he was the first one to grow his hair long.

“Nag-start ‘yan siguro mga 2016, probably a year before kami mag-start ng band,” shared Paolo. “Pero kakaibang journey din sa amin i-figure out how to maintain nglong hair kasi iba pala talaga siya, kumpara sa dati na walang suklay-suklay minsan.”

As a Cream Silk endorser herself, Pia is a pro at the hair flip and gave an on-the-spot tutorial to the newbies.

“The first thing you need to know about the hair flip is all about the emotion,” started Pia. “Kailangan mong bigyan ng power ‘yung whip mo ng isang smooth na motion lang.”

Did you know that there are actually different variations of the hair flip?

“Pwede mong idaan sa kamay, pwedeng idaan mo sa whip lang ng ulo,” Pia explained.

She then calls on Paolo and Miguel to do a demo of the hair flip right then and there.

“Para titignan pa kung may corrections pa bang kailangang gawin,” she explained.

How did they do? Thumbs up on the first try!

“That was actually very good,” commented Pia. “Kasi hindi mo na dinaan sa kamay, tapos dinaan mo lang sa turn ng ulo.”

Of course, Pia had to join in and demonstrate her version of the hair flip! She gathered all her hair on one side and, in one fluid motion, whipped her head around in a perfect hair flip.

What else do you need for the perfect hair flip? Head over to to watch the full video and listen in on the convo. Join Pia and Ben&Ben and do the Cream Silk hair flip yourself!