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JK Labajo is all praises for Janine Berdin: ‘Pagsisisihan ko if we don’t work together’

‘Pagod Na Ako’ producer JK Labajo shares how he ended up collaborating with singer Janine Berdin on her latest single.

Rhea Manila Santos

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11/21/2021 09:28 AM
JK Labajo is all praises for Janine Berdin: ‘Pagsisisihan ko if we don’t work together’
Photo credit: @juankarlos and @janineberdin Instagram


With Janine Berdin’s newest single “Pagod Na Ako” now out online, JK Labajo shared how he first connected with the Tawag ng Tanghalan singer online and how he ended up becoming the song’s producer.

“It was around the time I was doing a social media break kadramahan and whatever and I was looking around the internet and just going around kung ano yung nangyayari sa Pilipinas and I came upon this girl nga who won Tawag ng Tanghalan. Sabi ko iba siya. I think I messaged her on Instagram or something. I was interested to find out if she had songs she made herself. And ayun she has lots of songs actually that she wrote and sobrang ganda. And ako, I love working with artists that are good and that are talented. So that’s one of the reasons talaga. We had to work together kasi I know in my lifetime pagsisisihan ko if we don’t work together.

“I saw all of the past performances that she did and I was really captivated with how she performed and the quality of her artistry so it’s really that. We’ve been collaborating even before this was released,” he explained during the Pagod Na Ako mediacon. 

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Even though he has been in the music industry longer than Janine, who is just one year younger than him, JK said she deserves all the credit for “Pagod Ka Na.”

“Janine made this song, Janine composed this song and I’m the one that produced for the song. I think a lot of people don’t know what a producer is, a producer is actually quite an interesting thing. It’s changed so much throughout the years. But now when someone says producer, it’s someone that helps out when making the music. Siya yung tumutulong sa paggawa ng guitar parts, sa drums na ‘to, sa bass na yan, sa arrangement, ganyan. Andyan siya to turn the artist’s idea into music and put it into the recording software and all of that,” he explained.

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Even though he is currently working with other local artists, JK shared what makes the “Pagod Na Ako” singer different.

“She actually really is special. It’s not necessarily about the song but it’s the person behind the song that really matters for me personally. Because the songs won’t exist without the person who made it in the first place. I guess I could say na if someone else gave me this song tapos hindi ko naman nagustuhan yung person na yun then I probably wouldn’t want to work with that person.

“So it’s really Janine and I guess what makes her special is I hear something different with her. Most of the time I just hear the same thing coming out from the scene over and over again. May specific template na nangyayari and the thing with Janine is her voice is just unique. Hindi lang siya pangbirit actually. Kumbaga some people say quality over quantity and I guess Janine is one of that. It’s really the quality of her voice, not the quantity in a sense kung gaano siya kataas bumirit,” he explained.

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The “Buwan” singer said he does not determine how good a singer is by how high she can hit notes.

“Sumusunod kasi tayo sa Pilipinas na nangyayari naging basehan ang galing ng isang singer kung gaano siya kataas kumanta which is not always the case. It’s how the sound of someone’s voice and the quality of the voice, it’s what you listen to really. So I guess that’s what’s specially about Janine and siyempre napakabait. She’s really kind and humble. It’s really those things,” he added.