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Jing Castañeda, husband test positive for COVID-19

Jing Castañeda shared how she and her husband survived COVID-19.

Jing Castañeda, husband test positive for COVID-19-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


11/01/2021 08:04 PM
Jing Castañeda, husband test positive for COVID-19
Photo credit @jingcastaneda Instagram

Veteran journalist Jing Castañeda took to social media to share her battle with COVID-19 alongside her husband. 

Jing revealed they brought her husband to the hospital a day after her brother-in-law died. 



“My hubby Nonong Velasco's older brother, Kenn, died from COVID after three weeks of fighting it out in the hospital. The day after he died, Nonong was confined because his COVID-pneumonia suddenly turned severe,” she shared. 

Jing said they weren’t able to tell her husband’s parents what they were going through because they feared the situation might cause them to worry. 

“We couldn’t even tell his parents because they had just lost their other son.  We were also worried about telling our children that all of us were positive with COVID and that their Dad will be confined, as they might be worried because of what happened to their Tito Kenn,” she said. 



Jing went on to share that eight members of their household — including her — still tested positive despite being fully vaccinated. Only two children were unvaccinated in their home.

“Despite the fact that we were all Pfizer-vaccinated, including the three yayas, our whole household (8 total) was positive – the others had mild symptoms (for us, the worst was fever lang), but Nonong had a bad case with his oxygen level hitting 88 even if he was already using an oxygen tank at home. We were also worried sa two youngest namin who weren't vaccinated yet,” she said. 

Jing said she found a silver lining after testing positive as it allowed her to take care of her husband. 

“Buti na lang blessing na positive din ako, kaya pinayagan akong bantayan siya sa hospital. Otherwise kung hindi, he would have been alone in the hospital, habang kami naman ay mas mag-aalala rin dahil hindi namin siya maaalagaan (this was what happened to Kuya Kenn, walang kapamilya na nakapagbantay sa hospital),” she said. 



Jing said she showed immense strength in front of her husband because she didn’t want him to feel even weaker. 

“COVID is really a very lonely disease – it’s a ‘mental’ disease too since you really need to be strong.  When the doctors told me that if Nonong doesn’t respond to the COVID-medicines, they might intubate him – and that if that happens, 50-50 na ang chances niya – I was so scared but I couldn’t show him since ayokong panghinaan siya ng loob,” she shared. 

Watch the video below: 

Sharing how prayers helped her during those trying times, she said: “Healing masses and novena, ‘community pantries of prayer and love’ — these are what gave us strength and hope.  Totoo pala yun na sa ganitong mga pagkakataon, lahat ng santo tatawagin mo, at talagang si Lord lang ang puwede mong kapitan.  and the Lord uses family and friends to show his love and support for us.”