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Dimples Romana reveals why she hasn’t exercised in two months

Actress and entrepreneur Dimples Romana shares an update on what has been keeping her busy lately.

Dimples Romana reveals why she hasn’t exercised in two months-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/06/2021 09:48 AM
Dimples Romana reveals why she hasn’t exercised in two months
Photo Credit: @dimplesromana Instagram

With so many things keeping her busy both on and off camera this year, kapamilya actress Dimples Romana revealed that she has not had time to focus on fitness since July. In her latest Instagram post, the 36-year-old businesswoman revealed what has been keeping her hands full during the past two months. 

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She wrote, “I have not exercised in two months   It was really the dietary adjustments I made that contributed to the weight loss   Much as I wanted to, I’m unable to do much of exercise since I had to lay ground as a newbie CEO of our own production team and setting up our creative school, may duties din ako as an actress because our teleserye is showing very soon plus all my branded shoots and hostings pa which I super enjoy doing   Happy naman ako with our company now because we have been packed with so many branded projects that I think we may be in need of adding more people to the team”.



In the same post, Dimples promised her social media followers and fellow mommies that she would share ways on how to lead healthier, and happier lives. She added, “In the coming days I will share with you easy, quick exercise routines you can do while you’re working and doing tons of mommy chores like me haha para sabay tayo   When I began my lifestyle change, as in getting rid of my EXTRA WEIGHT, sleeping more, stressing LESS, choosing to smile and NOT worry so much, EATING healthier, eating FOOD that ACTUALLY MAKE ME happy, narealize ko na kadalasan we push ourselves to do what others are doing Kahit hindj yung bagay sa lifestyle natin. So FIRST, watch my DAY 1 post on FB and YT then, really think about why you want or NEED to make a lifestyle change   ”

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It was during the start of October that Dimples first talked about how she achieved a happier journey to wellness on her Instagram account. She wrote, “Taking you on the journey with me as I share with you how I went through the transition to a stronger, fitter, healthier, more mindful, more confident and a more AT PEACE version of myself. I am still a work in progress, far from where I dream to be, pero mas masaya ang biyahe ng buhay when we share it with others. Will you take this journey with me? BAGO ANG WEIGHTLOSS physically, let’s get our head on the right mindset first. MAGUUMPISA muna tayo from the inside. Share with me your thoughts, comments and emotions #DimpsTips #MayKwentoKo”



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The celebrity mom, who has various businesses ranging from restaurants and various properties in Metro Manila, Cavite, Batangas, and Palawan, continues to inspire and empower her fellow women with lengthy posts sharing advice and personal testimony on how they can lead better lives. 

In one post, she wrote, 

“Here’s a REMINDER POST for all the mommas, women, friends and allies, dads, men, and all human beings who have been told at one point or another in your life that YOU are NOT ENOUGH, that YOU DESERVE LESS, that YOU CAN’T, that YOU WILL NEVER BE, that YOU’RE STUCK AND GOOD FOR NOTHING and that you have to move and look a certain way to BE ACCEPTED and LOVED. The box we move in and that blank canvas that we start with, is OURS. Guided by our MORAL COMPASS, VIRTUES and DISCIPLINES- It’s YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR HAPPINESS. You can keep evolving anytime you please. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be lived trying to be that SOMEONE THEY ALL project you to be   DAY 1 of our fitness, health and wellness journey not only for your BODY, but most importantly for your MIND, HEART AND SPIRIT, drops on my social media accounts tonight. Don’t expect routines for later! Usap muna tayo ha at yan ay about how I began my OWN JOURNEY of cutting everything that is IN EXCESS or LABIS in my body, life and relationships. Hindi lang fats ang binawas ko kasi isinama ko na lahat ng unnecessary stress and toxic triggers to protect my mental health and overall wellness. Baka magkasakit pa ako pag sinouvenir ko pa yun. TANDAAN NYO HA, many people pass away because of illnesses that were CAUSED BY STRESS AND TRIGGERS because too often they never got to process their emotions because they have been trying to BE STRONG for too long and sometimes BEING STRONG and not properly processing the way we deal with trauma, anxiety and stress can be quite frustrating and disheartening. And for SOMEONE LIKE me who is so used to just shrugging it all off and remaining to be strong, natutunan ko just recently na, OKAY LANG IF YOU’RE not strong today. It’s okay to acknowledge weakness, okay lang kung Hindi mo pa kaya today. Okay Lang talaga. Kaya nga tayo MAY BUKAS para sumubok ulit pag mas malakas na tayo. Don’t give up on yourself just yet, #DimpsTips ANY JOURNEY or CHANGE you’d like to make in your LIFE and BODY, should always BEGIN FROM THE INSIDE.