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  • The first teaser trailer for the movie ‘366’, which marks Bela Padilla’s directorial debut, is finally here.

Bela Padilla releases first teaser for directorial debut ‘366’

The first teaser trailer for the movie ‘366’, which marks Bela Padilla’s directorial debut, is finally here.

Bela Padilla releases first teaser for directorial debut ‘366’-Leah Bueno
Leah Bueno

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10/05/2021 10:41 AM
Bela Padilla releases first teaser for directorial debut ‘366’
Screenshot from @bela Instagram

Bela Padilla has released the first teaser trailer for her directorial debut 366.

The Kapamilya actress posted the short clip on her Instagram page on Sunday, October 3, giving fans a first glimpse of her and co-star Zanjoe Marudo in character as June and Marco, respectively. 



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In an interview with G3 San Diego in July, Bela said 366 is based on a true story that she witnessed while she was on a holiday break three years ago. 

"It's a very tragic love story," she said. "But also, going through the pandemic, I tweaked it a little bit, and '366' now has more of a significance for me.

"It's set in a leap year kaya 366. Parang it's now more realizing that we have to take every day and treat it as best as we could and really maximize these days. So if you're given a choice, if you want to spend one day just being sad or crying or feeling bad or negative, or you could make an effort and be happy and have an extra day to fall in love and have an extra day to love yourself, where would you go and what would you choose? So that's the journey of the character I play and the characters that I will be with in 366."

The film marks Bela's second time working with Zanjoe, after the 2017 series My Dear Heart.

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Aside from the two, 366 also stars JC Santos, who previously worked with Bela on the drama films 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, The Day After Valentines, and On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets.

"They are both amazing in this film," said the actress. "I've both never seen them in this type of acting. They both gave scenes here that I've never seen them do before, so I'm super proud of the both of them, and I hope you guys get to watch their performances in this film."

In addition to directing the movie, Bela also wrote the script for 366.

Talking about the process of helming 366, which was shot last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the actress said: "It was definitely stressful because I felt like I had to prove myself to everybody. Not just because they were my friends, I would get away with it. I felt like even more so, dahil friends ko sila, I wanted to prove also to them that I will do a good job and I wouldn't let you guys down...I made an effort to really do the homework and then some para hindi ako mapahiya sa set.

"So kung ang pre-prod ng typical film would be, let's say five days, sa amin nag-pre-prod kami ng 10 days. Dinoble namin para pagdating sa set, wala nang questions at all, and para we work efficiently din. And also COVID was raging in December, so, you know, para rin less communication. We tried to do as much pre-prod as possible, para prepared na prepared kami pagdating sa set."

A release date for 366 has yet to be announced, but in her post over the weekend, Bela assured fans that they would meet June and Marco "very, very soon."