Kylie Padilla posts empowering message for women

Read Kylie Padilla’s empowering message for women.

Kylie Padilla posts empowering message for women -Toff C.
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10/28/2021 04:57 PM
Kylie Padilla posts empowering message for women
Photo credit to @kylienicolepadilla Instagram

"I want women to cherish the growth of their minds, their souls and their spirit—the value of their essence."

These were the words of Kylie Padilla in an empowering message she posted on her Instagram page, which is an excerpt from her interview with FAIR magazine.

Kylie stressed that inner beauty is far more valuable than outer beauty.



"So much focus is put on our looks when our real value should really be focused on our values and inner strength," she said.

The actress added, "There is no shame in being beautiful, it’s a great way to get attention and have your voice be heard but you also need to have something to say that is worth hearing.”

The Instagram post came after her interview with Jessica Soho addressing the controversial post of her estranged husband Aljur Abrenica. 

In the said interview, Kylie denied the claims of Aljur that she cheated on him during their marriage.



“In my defense, while we were formally married, I never had any extramarital relationships with other men. That is my truth. Okay sana kung ginawa ko eh, I would say I am sorry. Pero hindi talaga eh. And that’s what they keep throwing at me. Paano ako aamin sa bagay na hindi ko naman ginawa?" she stated. 

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Amid the controversy, Kylie said that she still wants to remain friends with the actor for the sake of their children.

“Huwag natin kalimutan to be parents sa mga anak natin. Sana ma-save pa natin yung friendship after this. Kung gusto natin mag-away or whatever, let’s do it in the right place, huwag na sa public. Yun lang ang hinihingi ko please,” she remarked.