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Andi Eigenmann’s ‘sunshine boy’ Koa turns nine months old

The youngest child of Andi Eigenmann and surfer Philmar Alipayo just turned nine-months old.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/19/2021 12:12 PM
Andi Eigenmann’s ‘sunshine boy’ Koa turns nine months old
Photo credit to @andieigengirl Instagram

It was just this January when Andi Eigenmann gave birth to her third child, her second with fiancé Philmar Alipayo. Andi has always proudly shared every milestone of her family with her avid followers on social media. Last October 18, the 31-year-old actress gave a happy update on her youngest child Koa. 

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On her Instagram account, she wrote, “My sunshine boy turned 9 months over the weekend! Seems just like yesterday when I first held this little guy. What once was quiet, well-behaved, always-sleepy Koala boy, is now always wanting to join in on all the fun! (Still well-behaved!) His ticket to be welcomed into his sisters' play time is flashing a big teeth-ful smile like this one. Going on trips is slowly getting more fun and exciting with Koa now being able to take part in the activities. Soon he'll be surfing with papa too, for sure!”



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Last month, Andi shared a photo of baby Koa with his dad getting to experience standing on a skateboard for the first time. Philmar is a professional surfer and is based on Siargao island where Andi has been residing since 2018. She wrote, “Bout dat stoked lyf! Koa first skating experience at 8 months.  thank you papa @chepoxz for introducing and always sharing the stoke to us! What a great feeling!”







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With her bunso Koa growing faster every month, Andi makes sure to share a post whenever she can about her kids.

In another post, she wrote, “7 months of being gigil with this squishy bouncy pacute-sy sunshine Koala boy of mine! And in just a month's time, he already: sits, crawls, gets on all fours, runs around with his walker and babbles all day and night! He is growing up to be such a sweet smiling boy who loves to laugh laugh laugh all day! I think that means I have 3/3 KULITS! Love all my 3 babies no matter what! With all the chaos and all! ”



Aside from baby Koa, Andi’s eldest daughter Ellie (with ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito) and second daughter Lilo also live on the island with her and Phil. Andi and Phil have a YouTube channel called Happy Islanders with 2.32M subscribers as of this writing.