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Ice Seguerra releases new song “‘Wag Kang Aalis”: ‘I cried the first time I sang it’

“‘Wag Kang Aalis” singer Ice Seguerra releases her latest single in support of World Mental Health Day.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


10/11/2021 09:32 AM
Ice Seguerra releases new song “‘Wag Kang Aalis”: ‘I cried the first time I sang it’
Photo Credit: @iceseguerra Instagram

In support of World Mental Health Day last October 10, Ice Seguerra released his latest song “’Wag Kang Aalis” which he also wrote. The 38-year-old singer and actor shared the process that went into creating the song in one of his recent Instagram posts.

“Hi everyone! I'm excited to share my new song with you. Sobrang personal nitong kanta na 'to sa akin. Nasulat ko 'to during one of my low moments. As a depressive person, minsan ang hirap sabihin nang mga nararamdaman ko especially at that moment when I need help the most. This song is about that. The feelings we want to share and the words we want to say, but cannot. I hope this song can bring comfort to all of you.”



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In another post, Ice went into further detail about how emotional the songwriting process was for him while working on “’Wag Kang Aalis”. He wrote, “When I was writing this song, nilabas ko lang yung mga bagay na hindi ko masabi when I am going through my episodes. It was my hope that this song that will help people as much as it helped me. I cried the first time I sang it to my wife,” he said.

Aside from celebrating his 34th anniversary in showbiz this year, Ice also recently revealed that he was also currently working on his directorial debut.

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Ice also addressed those who are also silently battling mental health issues like him and gave some simple words of advice. “To the sufferer, I hope this song can bring you comfort during those times you feel alone. When you're at your lowest and you feel like giving up, wait it out. Take it one day at a time, or if that's too much, take it five mins at a time. Know that it will pass. Do not give up on life and don't be afraid to ask for help. It's okay to ask for help.

“To the support person, I hope that through this song, you will know what we need when we are feeling down. We don't need much, we just need YOU. Your presence, your undivided attention. We need you to hear us out without any judgment.

“It is my deepest wish that we can normalize mental health discussions especially within families. Yes, it will be uncomfortable, it will hurt...but it will also heal us. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat, it's my joy to share this song and my journey with all of you,” he shared. 



After opening up about his battle with depression in 2019, Ice shared his mental health journey.

He wrote, “As someone who has depression and anxiety, that says a lot of things. It means I am finally feeling things. Irritability, sadness—yes. But more than anything, I feel happiness and joy! For the longest time, I have just been cruising steadily. Pero yun lang yun. Steady pero walang passion. Dumating sa point na kahit pagkanta, wala na akong gana. That's a big thing 'because singing is not just a job; it's how I express myself, how I connect with people, how I heal myself. Singing is my freedom. Iyan ang depression. It just doesn't make us sad or lonely. Pinapatay niya kung sino ka and the very thing that make us want to live. Depression kills your passion. It kills your soul. So yeah, I was there. But not anymore. For now.”

Ice married Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chairwoman Liza Dino in the US in 2014 where same-sex marriage was first allowed in 2008. They also held a symbolic ceremony in Batangas in 2015 along with family and friends. The couple will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary this December.