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  • Marlo Mortel released his original composition ‘Racing Waters’ as a single.

LISTEN: Marlo Mortel releases single ‘Racing Waters’

Marlo Mortel released his original composition ‘Racing Waters’ as a single.



01/07/2021 12:27 PM
LISTEN: Marlo Mortel releases single ‘Racing Waters’
Photo Credit: @marlomortelmusic Instagram

Marlo Mortel has released a new single entitled "Racing Waters."

"My latest single is about mental health and abuse," the actor-singer wrote on Instagram.

"I personally experienced drowning in my own thoughts wherein I thought I couldn’t escape. But then again, thoughts are just thoughts. We can always train our minds to think better thoughts and help ourselves win our personal battles," he added.

Marlo first performed "Racing Waters," his original composition, last April.

"I wrote that song hoping to help someone who’s trapped in that kind of situation," he said.

"And if you are, please find the courage to leave, because YOU matter," he added.

Just recently, Marlo revealed that he had a mental breakdown as he opened up about his mental health problems in his vlog. 

"Missed me? I MISSED me. If you saw my latest vlog, I admitted that I suffered anxiety/depression/mental breakdowns in the past weeks. I’m still recovering and slowly healing," he said.

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According to the actor, suffering from mental illness is the hardest battle he has ever fought.

"It’s the hardest battle I‘ve ever fought and it’s true that you wouldn’t even notice a person who’s going through that situation. Whenever people ask me how I am, I could easily put on a smile and tell them I’m okay but deep inside I’m dying. I thank my family and friends who stood by me. Most especially GOD who saved me," he added.