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Singer Sitti Navarro on missing her late mother: ‘I miss you always’

Sitti Navarro talks about missing her mother at the start of the year.



01/05/2021 12:31 PM
Singer Sitti Navarro on missing her late mother: ‘I miss you always’
Photo Credit: @bossagurl Instagram

After making a name for herself in the industry for her distinctive bossa nova style of singing, Sitti Navarro has been performing for over two decades now. During the pandemic, Sitti started a food business selling homemade chorizo in her community during the period of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila last May. 

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Last January 4, Sitti admitted that she was missing her mom who already passed away. On her Instagram account, she wrote, “ They say that the first big events without you would be the hardest.. my first birthday without you, the first Christmas, first new year. But I was so busy and tired from taking care of the little one during those times that I felt only twinges of sadness. My heart would ache for a bit, remembering you, and then my mind and body would take me to the next task, my being absorbed with what needed to be done. The bed would call after a long day, my eyes would succumb to much needed sleep. One would think I wasn’t grieving; one would think you aren’t being missed.

“But then I would hear of a friend’s mom’s passing, or of a friend’s mom dying from that same wretched disease, and I would crumble. I would cry like it was only hours or days since you’ve gone, and the pain would become too much again..

“I really miss you, Ma.

“35 years of my life I have spent with you, and they seem to be not enough. You’ve handwritten all my practice test questions, gone with me to every show—in and out of town, and out of the country. We’ve slept together on the same bed until I got married, read books side by side. Yet somehow, all that time I’ve spent with you doesn’t seem nearly enough—I would’ve wanted you to still be here with us if I only had my way.

“I remember the times I have hurt you and I wish I hadn’t. Now I wish I have only ever loved you and have always been kind. But there is no point to this now. just always thankful that you have loved and forgiven me the way you always have.

“I miss you, Mama. And I will always love you. You will always have a place in my heart that no one else could ever replace. I wish I could see you now. But I know, you are free and happy.

“I love you always. I miss you always. I’m thankful for you always.”



The 36-year-old, who was known as part of the ASAP Sessionistas, settled down with her family after marrying her non-showbiz husband Joey Ramirez in 2015. The couple welcomed daughter Issiah Dañelle in 2018.