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Sandra Lemonon retires from pageantry

‘No more pageants for me, love,’ says beauty queen Sandra Lemonon.

Sandra Lemonon retires from pageantry-PUSH TEAM


01/28/2021 04:18 PM
Sandra Lemonon retires from pageantry
Photo credit: @sandralemonon Instagram

Beauty queen Sandra Lemonon is retiring from pageantry.

Sandra, who made headlines last year for her controversial statements against the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, made the announcement in an Instagram comment, as she replied to one follower who told her she could join Miss Earth.

"No more pageants for me, love," she said.

In a subsequent comment, another follower told Sandra: "I hope you reconsider. We never got to cheer for you in the big arena. Take all the time you need, but finish what you started. Don't let anyone dim your light and your kind spirit."

"Don't make me cry of joy. People like you are the reason why I love the good sides of pageantry," she answered.

"Maybe I shall not be in a pageant arena but I am sure I am on my own path and all the hardships and blessings that led me to where I am today will help me be where I need to be," she added.

Earlier, Sandra said she refused to join another pageant until there is "more transparency from the pageant industry."

Back in October, Sandra, who represented Taguig City in the first Miss Universe Philippines pageant, trended on social media after she posted cryptic messages pertaining to the credibility of the pageant.

However, she still has neither disclosed details nor backed up her accusations, despite teasing she would "spill the tea" at the right time.

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In a recent Instagram Story post, Sandra said she has chosen to stay silent for now, "in order to 'keep the peace' and for there be no hot tempers."

However, she said the public will be hearing her side of the story soon.

"As my intentions are pure as for my purpose in speaking up is to improve the pageant community by being transparent and honest. All I will share is my truth from a perspective of a candidate of MUPH 2020 who has experienced all 3 orgs (World, BBP, and MUPH) and who has witnessed things that weren't aligned with my beliefs and morals. In summary, you will be hearing from me soon," she added.