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LOOK: Enchong Dee tells Bea Alonzo ‘nakita mo na lahat’ as they exchange cellphones

Enchong Dee was caught off-guard after Bea Alonzo sees what seems to be something “rated SPG" on his phone.



01/24/2021 07:24 PM
LOOK: Enchong Dee tells Bea Alonzo ‘nakita mo na lahat’ as they exchange cellphones
Photo Credit to Bea Alonzo YouTube Channel

Enchong Dee sat down with Bea Alonzo for another fun vlog where they discovered each other’s secrets through their mobile phones. 



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In her latest vlog, Bea did the “Show Me Your Phone” challenge with her best friend Enchong Dee. 

“I’m nervous, I’m scared, but I’m excited,” Enchong told Bea as the latter asked him how he feels about taking on the challenge of exposing the content of their phones. 

Before taking on the challenge, the two kicked off the fun exchange by chatting about life updates as they welcomed the New Year. 

So far, so good. And I’m very happy and I always believe how you start your year will always be [a reflection of the entire year] pero I always make sure that my January is happy, is healthy, is light. [I also make sure] to reunite with the people I owe a visit which is like now. Kasi siyempre nung December it’s really just family,” Enchong said. 

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Bea, on the other hand, said she has found herself doing meditative activities and low-impact exercises like Pilates recently. 

I did yoga. I’m doing pilates now. Never akong natutong mag-meditate,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to meditate. So that’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions. And of course, to embrace my truth and my reality and never compare myself. And I am claiming that this will be a positive year and a spiritual year for me,” the actress stated.  



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Going through each other’s phones, both found out who was the last person the other talked to on their cell. 

Enchong found that a person named "Nic" contacted Bea through FaceTime. Then the two started bursting into laughter, suggesting there might be something going on with Bea and the guy. 

While Bea answered secret when prodded about the identity of "Nic," a photo of Dominic Roque flashed on the screen. Bea has long been rumored to be in a relationship with the said actor.. “Hindi si Dominic ‘yan,” she said. She then added in jest: “Si Dominic … Ochoa.” 

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Meanwhile, Bea and Enchong had a hilarious exchange when they started to look at each other's photos from the “recently deleted” folders of their phones. 

Ayan na ‘yung mga nude pics,” Enchong said. But it seems Enchong wasn’t fully prepared as he found himself in the hot seat after Bea scrolled through older photos from the said album. 

“I did not expect it’s going to be there. Sabi ko na eh,” he said as he took his phone away from Bea.  



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Kailangan nating hindi mapakita kaya [Rated] SPG,” Bea said. To which Enchong responded: “Kasi recently deleted eh. Naghanap dun sa taas. Siyempre nandu’n ‘yung mga nude pics.” 

Ako wala kasi nadelete ko na,” Bea told Enchong. 

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Seemingly caught off guard, Enchong said: “Sobrang close na talaga natin. Nakita mo na lahat.” He added: “Dumami na ‘no ‘yung [baskil]?

Watch the video below: 

Towards the end of the vlog, Enchong and Bea wrapped up the challenge with the former saying: “Let’s just say that we reached a certain height in our friendship.” Bea then responded with: “It’s another milestone for our Benchong friendship.”