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WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli’s PS5 unboxing vlog

An unbothered Matteo Guidicelli brutally ripped the box of his PS5 without remorse.



01/14/2021 01:36 PM
WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli’s PS5 unboxing vlog
Screenshot from Matteo Guidicelli YouTube Channel

It seems Matteo Guidicelli remains unbothered by the criticism he has received from his PlayStation 4 unboxing vlog as he released yet another unboxing video featuring no less than the highly coveted PlayStation 5. 



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In the video, Matteo appears to have embraced his rough image when it comes to unboxing gadgets and gaming consoles as he ripped open his new PS5 in front of the camera. 

"Kuya, it's expensive," a person can be heard saying in the background, seemingly warning Matteo to take things easy. He then responded by saying: “Sige, ako bahala.”

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Thrown at him by someone behind the camera, Matteo said, “Ooh, what a catch” before slamming the box containing Sony’s next-generation console. 

He then started taking out the contents of the box like the instruction manual and the power supply cable and placed them on the grass.

Seemingly throwing shade at those who criticized him for his previous unboxing vlog, Matteo took off his mic and placed it on top of the box before opening it in a savage manner and said: “The mic, I'll put it right here for you gamers.”



A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@matteog)


Matteo then asked why his PS5 box contained only one controller, seemingly unaware that it has always been the case for Sony gaming consoles. 

On simply slamming his PS5 on the table while pulling away the paper wrapped around it, Matteo said: “Sa mga nagko-complain diyan, by the way, this table is shock absorbant so the PS5 doesn’t feel any shock.” 

Several fans, though, noticed that Matteo seemed to have done it on purpose with one even saying: “This is how you should guilt trip haters. Do what exactly makes them angry hahaha starting to love him.” 

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Michael V. — who is a popular YouTube personality among gaming community — was also among those who reacted to Matteo’s vlog. 

Watch the video below: 

His unboxing vlog is currently in the third spot of YouTube Philippines’ top trending videos. 

The standard edition of PS5 is currently priced in the Philippines at P27,990. It has a Digital Edition which is P4,000-peso cheaper, priced at P23,990.